Friday, April 20

four and a half months (almost five).

i have been thinking about posting a penelope post for this whole month, so hopefully this doesn't end up too long. my little almost-five-month-old is a wonder.

she has doubled in weight since birth and just keeps growing. since she is so big and wearing some of the clothes ellie wore when she started walking, i just keep forgetting how young she is. still, the days of the newborn are long, long gone. she's a full-blown wiggler. i can't keep her in one spot. she rolls and scoots and wiggles and is in everything. she scoots over and plays (chews) toys with ellie, she wiggles around and eats magazines that ellie leaves on the floor, she gets stuck under the furniture... i love it. she also gets really really excited sometimes and her whole body jumps. she gets her legs and arms pumping and it's hilarious. 

i think she's going to love solid food. lately she has been making little chomping noises when she sees us eating. she also likes to do this weird silent lip-sync thing when there is music on. she moves her mouth like she is singing along. so funny.

she is so loud! she loves to sing, growl, scream, blow bubbles and laugh. she doesn't cry much, though. her screams are usually happy screams or even just annoyed screams - she doesn't wail or have meltdowns very often. poppy's so patient, especially when mommy is busy with a certain dramatic two-year-old. her grins are the best and i love to see her smile. she's not stingy with those smiles; she brightens someone's day everywhere she goes. she already has a sense of humor. i know, i'm a crazy mom but it's true. when something too silly is going on, she will give me this look like she would be rolling her eyes if she could. 

she loves toys already and is really interested in everything. i don't remember ellie liking toys this much. poppy will spend hours pulling on her carseat toys and the toys on her bouncer. she will crawl all the way across the room to get a toy. she is very observant and just loves to watch what is going on. sometimes, when she seems upset, she is just feeling left out. we put her in her bumbo in the middle of the action and she's happy again. she also likes to play with ellie, and by that i mean that she likes to be next to ellie and have a toy to chew on.

she recognizes our family and is always really excited whenever daddy walks into the room. she will look and look until she catches his eye and then she will give him her best smile. she also loves ellie. ellie will hold her hand when she is sad and sing and talk to her. she will give her toys. ellie can make her laugh out of nowhere. she listens to all of ellie's stories. it's honestly the best thing ever. poppy even likes to pet the dog! she's so sweet.

she loves:

her daddy
being outside
being around people
kisses (giving and getting them)
falling asleep
car rides

she doesn't like:

except for the usual stuff (shots, sore bums, etc) she really is a content little thing.
oh, she sometimes doesn't like being buckled in her car seat if we aren't moving. 
as soon as we get moving or she falls asleep she is fine.

 (my children look like cartoons.)

here's a video of her doing this new weird squealy noise and making us cry with laughter:

that was her being shy for the camera. she makes the growl-squeak noise all the time now, not just when she's being tickled. ha. 

we love her so much. she is happy and fun and good-natured. she is just a star of a baby. i couldn't ask for a better one.


Tom and Juli said...

She is so adorable. You make really cute babies!

Ryan+Michelle+Ellie said...

i can NOT believe that she is that old already! geeeeze! time flies. and its so cute that her and Ellie look so much alike :)

Chantal Marie said...

Her cheeks are so rosy and squishy! I love squishy babies!

Ann Taylor said...

she's the best!! I'm so excited to play with her this summer :D

pefblog said...

Thanks for the photos & video. We are so blessed!!!!

Erynn said...

oh my goodness that video makes me laugh! and what a beautiful healthy girl she is! can't wait to meet her!

Saimi said...

What a crack up! I swear I feel like I'm looking at Ellie all over again! Your girls are so squishy as babies makes me want to eat them up!