Monday, May 7

radio silence.

i'm sorry for the radio silence.

we've been busy having fun! 

also, daddy has been buckling down on his studies and we have been trying to get out of his hair (and out of the house) as often as possible so that he can crunch numbers. our computers share the office now, so that means this blog is getting dusty. 

we've also had a cranky ellie bean because of an ear infection
(the first time she has ever really been sick beyond the average sniffles)
and a very, very wiggly poppy
(we're in that stage where we have to constantly clear the floor of things she might try to gum on)
and bedtime has been a circus. circus.
i wait all day to try and do things "when they go to sleep" but they never do and the clean laundry never ends up getting to the closet before it needs washing again.

but! i did steam clean the carpet in the two main rooms so
that's something.

here are some pictures from the instagram. they may be repeats for many but that's okay with me.

i have some posts with pictures scheduled for the week so tune in.
the fowlers love you!


O'Connor Famiglia said...

you have the most beautiful children--the pictures are always great! it looks so green where you live too! I really miss that--not having to water stuff and it still survives!

Ryan+Michelle+Ellie said...

I think your two little girls look so much alike! I love them!!!

kathy said...

CUTE BRADIE!! I love the one of you kissing Poppy! Makes me want to squeeze them! Mmmm. Baby love!