Wednesday, May 16

poppy boo.

or, as ellie likes to call her: "poppy-nelope fowler"

webcam pictures of us from our first all-nighter (she got up at 2 am and wanted to play)

she's in my favorite stage of transition right now:
from helpless, cuddly newborn to independent, fun(!!) baby.
nothing against those squishy pink babies, but they really are no fun. they are sweet and they smell wonderful and even their poops are precious. for me, though, around six months is the golden time. they are still little tiny things but they can sit up and laugh and play and make demands and i just love it. they are so curious and interactive and, as i mentioned before, fun.

she loves to scoot and she goes after anything and everything. watch out magazines, you will be eaten. she wants to inspect everything with her mouth. she can get into many things by herself, too. yesterday she dumped out a box of "choking hazard" toys and tried to go to town. unfortunately, she's at the bottom of the toy food chain. i take the dangerous toys away and the big kids take everything else. she is so upset when you take something dangerous away from her. she puts her face into the carpet, goes stiff and cries as if she is heartbroken.
she also has started my favorite thing,
baby cussing.
"ah dah dah dah DAH! gah goo GAH!"
so hilarious. 

she's up rocking on hands and knees lately, about to take off crawling any minute. she's getting pretty good at sitting up for long periods of time. her little personality is really starting to shine. she is still in the habit of rolling around on the floor until she suddenly just drops. she often falls asleep in the middle of the floor while the craziness goes on around her.

i love all the little things she does. i am enjoying every minute of watching her grow.

just for fun, check out this picture of ellie at almost six months:

cute babies. happy babies, too.


Tom and Juli said...

She is just too sweet and precious! You make some of the cutest girls ever!

I guess I'm the only one in the world who loves the newborn stage as much as I do. Don't get me wrong I love the rolling all over the house and learning to clap baby too... but I'm also equally (if not a little more) crazy about the newborn stage.

Erynn said...

i'm kinda likin the poppy-neolpe fowler name. i can't wait until this girl has to sign her name on a library card. :) love and miss ya! xoxo

O'Connor Famiglia said...

I just love that both of your girls have had arm and leg cleavage! My favorite babies are the rolley-polley kind--there is just something so cuddly about chubbiness!

Saimi said...

Ahhhhh, you're killing me here Missy!! I just want to squeeze, pinch and kiss all those yummy rolls of hers! What a darling baby doll you have there!

Ash said...

So so cute. Miles and I keep talking about how cute her wrinkly little bum is. You have the funnest kids!