Thursday, June 2

blogger and i = not friends.

i don't think i have truly forgiven blogger for being totally inaccessible that one time. 
well, i thought i had forgiven and forgotten, but then today i was working on a memorial day post and, although my pictures had been properly edited and rotated, blogger refused to post them correctly. 

long sigh. 
not to mention that ellie was pressing buttons on the keyboard, etc. so i'll be getting back to that a little later when i have more time and patience and for now i'm putting this post up.

i know, boring. totally boring. no cute babies. 

okay, one cute baby preview: 

three for thursday, via wonder woman.

1. three of my favorite stations:

- my morning jacket.
- elton john.
- regina spektor.

2. three lessons learned since i graduated from high school:
(oh, p.s. - my sister is officially done with high school today! go tate!) 

- the same amount of work that gets you an "a" in school can easily go unnoticed in the real world.
- most adults don't really know what they are doing, either.
- summer, christmas break and all other "holidays" should never be taken for granted, because they may disappear without a trace (and you might find yourself working on those days and being busier than ever).

3. three people i was remembering on memorial day:

wait, just three? 
come on now. 

4. three bad habits:

- putting off phone calls.
- staying online too long. 
- not finishing the chores i started. 
(all of which i am doing right now.) 

5. three foods i will never put in my mouth:
 (wow, this list has really changed over the last few years. really, i'll try almost anything.)

- milk, plain. just a glass. 
- um, a scoop of mayo? i don't mind a little on salads, but i don't like it on sandwiches. 
- any sort of delicacy that involves an anus, i guess.

6. three things that sounded like a good idea at the time:

-  letting ellie climb on a chair to watch her dad out the window (she ended up with a cut lip).
-  giving ellie her mcdonald's drink, since she has mastered the straw (she dumped it all over herself). 
- eating a whole bunch of pineapple while my morning sickness was still bad (have you ever thrown up pineapple? it burns.).  

7. three plans for father’s day 2011:

- relax. eat. try to find a really great gift.   
- think of something good to do for sharing time - eek!
- dream about what kind of baby we will see the next day.

8. three things that make me a “mean mom":

- uhhhhhh. 
- i started doing tiny time outs when ellie does things like throw books across the room or spill my powdered make-up all over the floor.  
- considering that ellie and i have gone to play, shop and have eaten out for lunch almost every day this week ...  i am not good at being mean. 

9. three things i'm supposed to do today:

- make some phone calls (okay, okay, i'll go do it already!). 
- put together an over-the-toilet furniture thing.
- put away laundry.
- work on primary stuff.
- clean, clean, clean.
- think about making some kind of dinner that won't make us hotter than we already are (with 98 degrees for a high today).

yeah, that's a good place to end and remind myself that i'm actually busy. 
i'll try again with those cute pictures later.  


David and Ann said...

amen!! when you figure out a good cool dinner share your findings- I've had the hardest time, all I seem to want is cereal!!

Saimi said...

Three things I love about this post:

Ellie's squishy arms
Ellie's squishy cheeks
Ellie's adorable face