Monday, June 6

good mom/bad mom + an ellie update.

good mom: 

ellie eating an apple for a snack. 

bad mom:
(or good mom? depends on who you ask. i think ellie would say "good mom.")

ellie's first hamburger happy meal, complete with silly kung fu panda toy. 
she ate most of the burger by herself. the fries she didn't finish, but that's okay. more for me ... uh, i mean, daddy.

it's time for an ellie update! we had our (late) 15 month appointment last week. ellie gained 3 pounds in three months! she is now at 22 pounds and change and is right at average for her age. she's average height, as well, at 30 inches and her head is still in the 75th percentile. she has been growing by leaps and bounds, physically and mentally. she's getting to be so smart and coordinated and hilarious!

she still doesn't say a whole lot of words, but she has been babbling a lot more. her most commonly used real words are "yeah," "dada" and "uh-oh!" (her most commonly used made-up words are "shee-shee," "nominominomi" and "yawa-eeee." yeah, i think she speaks ewok.) she pretty much says "uh-oh" all the time. she threw her food on the floor because i didn't notice she was finished? "uh-oh." i get a text and my phone beeps? "uh-oh." a garbage truck is backing up outside? "uh-oh." did she go potty in her diaper? "uh-oh." even though she doesn't talk much she still communicates pretty well. she follows directions and understands when i ask her questions.

she likes to be independent and gets frustrated when she needs help. i try to get her to use her words, but usually she just makes a lot of baby cuss noises until she is able to fix her problem or i fix it for her (and her problem is usually that her baby doll stroller won't go over a bump or something like that). she's a little high-strung and dramatic about things, but usually calms down easily. she just has to make sure we all know the gravity of the situation first.

we hit a huge milestone last week: we got rid of the paci. it started by accident, but i don't even know where it is now and she hasn't used it in a week. i was really nervous about getting shots without her favorite comfort item, but she was fine! of course, she screamed but as soon as i started getting her clothes back on she calmed right down and was ready to march on out of there. the only real downside is that her sleep schedule went out the window. we had finally established a regular naptime and bedtime and it is totally kaput. hopefully it won't take long to get it back again.

her favorite foods right now are watermelon, chips with dip and yogurt. she has gotten really good at dipping her chips and actually picking food up. i'm tempted to let her use chips as utensils at every meal. she likes mexican food and, of course, loves any sort of dessert item. her favorite activities lately include: trying to put her own pants on, walking around the house shutting all the doors, climbing up and grabbing fruit out of the bowl, hiding behind her favorite chair and making trouble, eating (she could spend all day eating and be happy), sharing her food while saying "yum," giggling and drinking from straws.

i think that is long enough for now. just know that we have a beautiful little creature with a ton of personality and we're very happy.

i think she's pretty happy, too.


Saimi said...

Baby cuss words...too funny!! Little miss Ellie sure is a character and I can't tell you enough how much I love following your blog and watching Ellie grow!

Thanks for sharing her!

Tom and Juli said...

Good mom on the happy meal... kids need to learn how to splurge on something yummy every once in a while! I still remember Arvilla's first, she acted like I took her to Disney World she was so happy!

Ellie seems very independent and determined, both good things but can also be frustrating to mom at times for sure.

pefblog said...

I love you both so much. I vote "Good Mom"!!!!