Friday, June 24


this time of year i miss my home state.
well, really, i miss it all summer.
strawberry days. sleeping in backyards. setting chairs out for parades. rodeos and rodeo food. the fourth of july. several big fireworks shows going at the same time. walking all over at night when it is cool. 24-hour del taco. carnivals. small town festivals every weekend. walking to get snacks and drinks. daytrips. drives around the alpine loop and the nebo loop. moonlight lift rides. hikes to a letter on the mountain. bonfires in the canyon.
oh, i could go on and on. i could also go on and on about the reasons why i couldn't ever do some of those things here. (for example, i would not walk almost anywhere around our house at night for fear of being hit by a car, robbed or murdered. in fact, i probably wouldn't walk anywhere here during the day for several of the same reasons.)
the internet really makes it worse, since i constantly get to see pictures and hear stories about all the fun everyone is having.

not to say that nothing fun happens around here. it's just that most of the big community events mostly involve more alcohol than family fun. i guess that's what we get for living ten minutes from a party school and two minutes from a local brewery.

the closest i can get to home is filling up my giant hart's mug at the few good soda fountain gas stations, which are almost thirty minutes away. sigh.

(oh, and that's right, i brought home a giant hart's mug in my suitcase last time i visited.)

maybe next year we'll try and make a visit during june/july, the very best time of year to be in the beehive state.


Ash said...

Yeah Georgia is definitely not as walking/family friendly. The only place to walk in Athens safely is downtown, and well, it smells like puke a lot. I guess not-as-fun GA summers will make more-fun Utah summers even funner when you visit though.

Kristina P. said...

I am making a goal to go to all the little small town festivals. So fun.

Gracie said...

and i just know you miss laying out 24 pieces of bread at a time to make 12 custom sandwiches in the 90 degree deli. being the virgin that i am, you have so far been my favorite person to get sweaty with.

Cap said...

Not sure why, but Harts always makes me think of Brand New, Soco Amaretto Lime. And so I turned on the song. Thanks for introducing me to them so many years ago. They've been a constant companion. ;)