Friday, June 3

summertime and the livin's easy.

we have had "unseasonably" high temperatures for a little while now, so we've been living it up like it is full-blown summer already. after a couple of weekends filled with fun birthday parties for ellie's little peers, we celebrated memorial day weekend like crazy - relaxing, eating, playing.

it was so balmy out that my first few pictures looked like glam shots from the steam.   

a water park for under $10? you don't say!

ellie has a new crush on watermelon. also, did i mention that we got a dining room set for mother's day? we did. that means the patio set is actually out on the patio. hooray for eating dinner under an umbrella!

she loves the weather. i get the feeling she was made for the south. seeing as i haven't been wearing sunscreen at all and i'm only a little pink, maybe i was made for the south, too.

i'm serious about this heat. it is 92 degrees out as i write this at 8 pm. we bought a pass to the park five minutes away that has a lake with a man-made beach area. i may actually get a tan this summer (and if you know anything about my history with the sun, a tan would probably be a bonafide miracle).


David and Ann said...

I love her hair!! I can't wait to see her, she's grown soooo much! and congratz on the patio, it looks great :D

Saimi said...

Water + Sun = Tan

My favorite combination!! I'm lovin' your weather and that cute little bathing beauty to boot!

Your sunglasses look adorable on you, or should I say you look adorable in those sunglasses...Or, you are just plain adorable like your daughter!

Enjoy that sunshine!!

Ash said...

Oh that looks so fun! We should all go down to the Fowler's pool sometime soon. I want to see a water baby.

Scaliwag said...

I love you! You're stunning and so is bean! :)