Wednesday, June 15


wait, this can't be my 400th post! why not? 

because all i can do is just sit, sit, sit, sit. 
and i do not like it, not one little bit.

i've been sick since friday. it started out with a queasy tummy. i didn't eat anything friday evening. saturday morning it felt like my morning sickness had returned very suddenly. i tried to fight through it, thinking it was my body making a very silly mistake. we went to a birthday party that afternoon and i felt just a little terrible but we made it home before i started throwing up the delicious (and i mean delicious) cake. by saturday night i wasn't even keeping water down. since then i have had a couple of pieces of toast, a handful of crackers, some jello and lots of gatorade and ginger ale. blech. 

i have also been the most totally boring wife and mother on the planet. i can't be vertical too long without getting the yucks, so netflix has been running constantly and i am taking lots of naps. 

i know i don't have a lot to complain about, since this is still a relatively easy pregnancy compared to most. i am starting to feel better, but i'm not sure if that is because i haven't attempted to eat much of anything or if i'm really on the mend. i'm a little bummed because i'm starting to think the culprit was the tub of hummus that i got on friday. i ate some with chips and cucumbers and it was all downhill from there (but it tasted so good!). also, i went grocery shopping thursday and i'm afraid that, yet again, most of the food will go bad before i can eat it. i thought i was finally past the part of pregnancy where i was wasting all my groceries!

hopefully, in the next couple of days (at least by the weekend) i'll be good as new and we'll be able to have as much fun as we had previously been having. we'll get back to swimming, playing, shopping, cuddling, relaxing - you know, living the life. we'll clean the house sometime, too.

in the meantime, i have a lovely little companion who makes me laugh and keeps me going. i found her like this the other day, wrapped in blankets and reading stories in her room. 
yep: heart officially melted.

(p.s. - there's a video of her reading to me, but after trying for almost 12 hours to get it to load ... i give up for now. maybe later.)

maybe we'll celebrate more at ... #402?


Tom and Juli said...

Agh I know that feeling all too well... Espeicially the wasting groceries part. I have a upper yummy recipe for hummus if you wan it... If you think your body will ever accept it again. Hang in there Bradie!

Saimi said...

400! Wow girl you're a blogging maniac!! I'm glad too, I mean what would I do without an Ellie update.

Hope you feel better soon!!

Kira Dee said...

I hope you feel better soon! No fun at all. Luckily you do have that cute little girl. Wrapped in a blanket reading books? Seriously? What gets cuter than that!?