Thursday, June 30

i know i say this all the time, but ...

it doesn't get much better than this. 

baby and doggy, keeping watch for daddy out the window. 
it's especially good when that baby keeps saying "dada! dada! dadadadada!"

even better when she sees him pull in the driveway and then starts crying because he is taking too long to get inside. 
and even better when he finally comes in and she squeals and shrieks with excitement and starts running in circles.
and, yes, even better when he brings home an elmo toy that makes kissy noises and she proceeds to make elmo kiss everyone and everything and she even blows a kiss on her own for the first time.


oh, and we have a few pregnancy names for our little #2. i think ellie wanted in on the action, because she brought me three foam letters yesterday that said "boo." last night i dreamed about the baby and i can't remember anything except that we were calling her "baby boo."

so what do you think of baby boo? 

bean and boo. kind of has a ring to it.


Saimi said...

I think Bean and Boo has a great ring to it!!

Now how adorable is that Ellie as she waits in anticipation for her daddy, I bet that just makes his day, especially while he is at work knowing after a few short or long hours his baby girl will be standing and squealing as he enters the door!

I bet Judge would do the same thing if he knew a bone awaited him...

Saimi said...

The reason I said that about Judge is cause our dogs, especially that Archie is when my MIL comes to visit she always brings treats for her 'Granddogs' well it didn't take Archie any time at all to catch on. Now all we have to do is mention Grandma and the dogs go crazy with excitement. One time Archie ran after them in as they were leaving.
He kept running and running barooing the whole time.

He's like Grandma come back I want more treats!!! What's crazy is he's blind but he was locked on to their car and ran after them anyway.

n.davis said...

Oh she is so cute!!

Tom and Juli said...

waiting for dad is the best time of day at our house.

I like Boo, like the little girls on Monster's Inc. that kind of looks like you.

sisterwendy said...

I love a daddy's girl! And I agree with Tom and Juli ~ Boo from Monster's Inc. is my favorite! great name :D xoxoxo

pefblog said...

Bean & Boo...that sounds about perfect!

Ash said...

I think calling her baby boo is sweet. Can't wait to meet her.