Monday, May 2

what the may?

how is this year already a third of the way over? maybe it's because easter came so "late."
maybe it's because i've been pretty busy with all of life's little details. 
it also might have something to do with the fact that we didn't have regular church on the first sundays of march, april, and now may (for stake conference, general conference, and the atlanta temple rededication respectively) and that really has been throwing me off. sunday is the day i interact with the most humans and is kind of a break to my every day routine. when we don't have a normal sunday it almost feels like a 14 day week to me. 

i have noticed that it is already getting kinda hot (we do live near hotlanta, remember?) and that it's time to drastically change our wardrobe . . . because it is only going to get (almost unbearably) worse.

and that reminds me, because i've been asked a couple of times: we were very much untouched by this terrible southern disaster. we did spend a few hours that night awake in bed with the radio on, listening to hear which town was next to be hit. it was pretty frightening, knowing there is a tornado to the north or to the south (or both) and wondering what direction it will decide to go next. the tornado siren did go off, but they never came too close to us. the storms weakened a lot. in fact, i don't think it was the worst thunderstorm we've had this year. we do know a few people who have relatives and friends who were in the path, but so far i've heard mostly good news. 

the videos are incredible, if you haven't seen them. tornadoes have to be the scariest natural disaster. they're so unpredictable. with floods you pretty much know where the water is headed. earthquakes have an epicenter and everything is hit. when you have a tornado, you might have one house completely flattened and the house next door is almost untouched.

lately i feel like so much more happens every single year of my life. more things happened when i was a teenager than when i was a child, even more things happen now that i'm an adult. the disasters get bigger and more frequent. the wonderful events, like babies and weddings, seem to happen more often, too. i can't tell if that is just part of getting older - that i'm noticing more. 

is it me or is it the world?

p.s. - my new header is from our local park. that's the thing i like best about these storms. everything is super, super green right now. it seems like it can't get greener, then we have a another storm and guess what? green like crazy.

and green is my favorite color.


Saimi said...

Funny thing about getting older, seems I'm noticing more deaths in the paper, like people I know...How scary is that??

We have green right now too but in another month or so, the hills will turn their usual brown color.

Ash said...

I know what you mean. I wonder if I was just too caught up in being a kid that I didn't realize this stuff was going on, or if it really is happening more often. It definitely has motivated us to get some 72 hour kits put together.