Wednesday, May 11

war wound.

well, the girliest little war wound you've ever seen.

ellie likes to do this funny swagger sometimes. she gets all bow-legged and kind of, i don't know, saunters. she also does this thing when she's "running away" where she just moves her feet twice as much and twice as loud but doesn't go any faster. it's like a human cartoon. 
anyway, she was doing some sort of silly walk in the hallway and fell and knocked her head on the door hinge. (it's official. doors = her archenemies.)

she didn't want to keep the bandaid on it, but after she wiped her bloody head on the carpet and in the curtains, we forced compliance. we went to the store and daddy let her buy her very own, very special hello kitty bandaids. she carried them up to the register herself, put them on the belt and was very happy when the cashier gave her the box back in its own bag, just for her. 

she spent the next few days sporting the ultimate accessory.
is it possibly the most adorable boo-boo ever? yes, yes it is. 

(stop taking pictures of me, mom!)


David and Ann said...

awwwww!! well, at least she got cool bandaids out of it right? give it an extra kiss better for me!!

Gracie said...

i like that she may or may not have her thumb tucked into her pants in that picture. what a trooper.

ps. CONGRATULATIONS! ellie proves that you should keep breeding. i am so excited for you.

lots of love.

Ash said...

That last picture is hilarious. And I love Ellie's funny run. She's such a hilarious little ham.

-m- said...

oh my word...i just love her!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Oh my goodness! That second picture of her is just priceless! She is the most adorable little injured girl I've seen. :)

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