Wednesday, May 4

mountain goat.

we've been rearranging our house lately due to the incredible climbing abilities that ellie has been developing. 

please ignore the mail trash on the couch in this video. i thought i was keeping it away from her up there, but i guess i have to find all new places to put things for a few minutes until i can properly clean them up. it was exactly why she wanted to get on the couch, of course.


because she's in her diaper, you can see her crazy little muscles. she has a round belly, but those muscles are nuts! she lifts her leg so high.

not only that, but we had the couch pushed against the back of kitchen counter. it didn't last long against her skills. she climbed all the way up (with a pacifier in her mouth), she got the apple she wanted, took two "bites" and then she threw it on the ground. 

what am i going to do with her? 
besides moving the couch.


Kristina P. said...

That is very funny! Love her talents.

-m- said...

what a strong little girl!

Just SO said...

Put ankle weights on her ankles. ;)

Ash said...

Didn't James climb on top of the fridge when he was a baby? Sounds like good climbing skills might be genetic...

pefblog said...

Yep, Jimmy did climb on top of refrigerators, and Grammy used to climb up cliffs.