Monday, May 9

little things.

ellie has been watching a lot of sesame street lately. she loves her shows and they are one of the rare things that can get her to sit still. 

i've always loved sesame street.*
things have definitely changed on the show, of course, but every once in a while i'll see a little clip or character that i remember from my childhood. all it takes is one "ala-peanut-butter-sandwiches!" and i'm back there, watching it all over again for the first time. 

the other day we saw the story of bert's blanket.
 i had totally forgotten about it! so catchy.

there are also the new clips that are amazing, like when donald grump (the grouch) needs a new apprentice. 
("i'm the trashiest! i'm the grumpiest!" uh, truer words were never spoken?)

then, the other day, a song came on that i knew by heart but hardly remembered. maybe it's the baby in me (okay, pretty sure it's the baby in me, messing with my hormones) but i really heard the words for the first time and the meaning just went straight to my mushy, overly-emotional soul.

the lyrics:

i believe in little things
that you can hardly see
like honeycomb and spider webs
and starfish in the sea
  i believe in little things
like icy drops of rain
that melt into the morning mist
when winds are warm again
  i believe in little things
like colors in the sky
and noticing the waves roll in
and how the flowers die
knowing they'll be back again
whenever it's july
  i believe in little things
like you and me
and just how big
little things can be

simple and beautiful. i really do believe in little things.
life is made up entirely of sweet, small moments and lovely little things.
i hope you believe in them, too.

*(i love any television that can help you learn. i remember once, back in sixth grade, somebody said to me "geez, you probably just read the encyclopedia all day!" i actually thought she was the strange one. i thought to myself, "it's just from tv. haven't you ever watched tv?" we did watch a lot of public television though, back when there were shows that weren't just trying to teach kids how to speak spanish. anyway, i think you can get an extensive education, good or bad, from television.)


Ash said...

The Donald Grump thing was so funny that I watched the whole thing. I love when Elmo gets Trump hair! I never watched Sesame Street growing up, but this makes me wish I had.

Saimi said...

Miss Piggy always made me laugh and because of Kermit I know its OK to be green!