Wednesday, May 25

luvs and kisses.

why i haven't posted this week: 

my house looks like the set of a diaper commercial most of the time. 

good news, though! i only feel like the inside of a diaper some of the time.
it's getting better every day. i can pretty much eat and cook again. 
i even cleaned out the fridge and took out the garbage and only gagged once! 
now i just need these danged headaches to quit so my brain can function. 

i'm going to try to scan the pictures of my insides this afternoon while the babies nap and maybe take a picture of the outside of my belly, too. here's hoping.

1 comment:

Saimi said...

The important thing is you're back!! I had no idea you were feeling so bad, that won't do!

Hope you're feeling better!!