Thursday, May 19

girl, you'll be a woman soon.

my beautiful sister turns 18 today! can you believe it? can i believe it?! can you believe that all my sisters are now legally adults? 
it can't be!

i remember when she was born and i made a card that said something like "i love you taydumb" while i secretly wondered why my parents would give a kid a name with the word "dumb" in it. 

tatum, you're not dumb! you're graduating high school and i can't believe all you've accomplished so far. i can't wait to see what comes next for you - because it could truly be anything. 
love you sis. hope your day is great.

(yeah, i'm starting to fall back in love with blogger after it shut me out for a day. i was really hurt.)


Saimi said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to your beautiful sister!!!

I knew I liked you but now I really like you...I see you quoted Neil Diamond in your title!!

Now I have that song in my head! HA!

sisterwendy said...

I LOVE your newly legally sister! I have so many great memories of her myself. Such a talented, beautiful, kind, amazing person! Your family sure has the market on wonderful! xoxoxo

Kira Dee said...

Yay!! Happy Birthday Tatum!! Us Iowans love you lots!! :) (And I agree quoting Neil Diamond was classy. I heart him)

the fowlers said...

i don't even know where the neil came from, but it just seemed so right! it just popped in my head.