Tuesday, April 13

where is judge?

you might be wondering if judge has fallen off the face of the earth.
well, no, but he might feel that way. poor boy.

he's actually right here, helping me blog!

we still love our little doggie. however, we have been battling fleas this season and that means he gets a lot of tough love, yucky treatments and banishment from cuddling on the baby blankies. it's very sad, mostly because i can't explain to him why he can't hop up on the bed when he's buggy. he doesn't understand why he suddenly is in trouble for doing what he always does.

the good news: he has started to realize that ellie is her own little person and not just a part of us. he curls up by her feet and he has even tried to lick her toes.

he has had to grow up a little bit and become a real dog. he spends a lot more time on his own, outside in the nice weather. most of the time, though, he joins us for naps and follows on our heels as we do chores. he's a great buddy and we can't wait until he and ellie start making trouble together.


Just SO said...

Poor judge. Fleas are no fun.

Saimi said...

Ahhhh, he is so cute!!! Sure hope Judge gets rid of those fleas soon so he can start playing with his baby!!

Madalyn said...

He seems like a great little partner!
P.s. I must know where you got those wonderful salmon colored suitcases! They are awesome!