Sunday, April 25

award! happy! finally!

serene (the amazing mother of four) gave me this award right after i had the baby and i'm just now getting to it. yeah, i know.
the rules?
list ten things that make me happy and pass it on to some bloggers that make me happy.

in no particular order, some things that make me smile:

10 - treats. example: when my husband asks if i need anything before he comes home from work and i say "well, i wouldn't be mad if you brought me a candy bar/soda/bag of cookies/pizza/etc."

9 - treasures. "one man's trash," right? basically, i love junk. i'm getting better at not buying junk, though. i'm learning to admire it and leave it be. i love thrift stores, flea markets, craigslist, all of it.

8 - baking. i love making yummy treats. my most recent experiment was not exactly baked, but it was a confection. i made conversation hearts. i didn't have any fruit flavors, so they turned out like buttermints. experiments = fun.

7 - blogs. i love looking at blogs. i should comment more, but sometimes i'm just not at my cleverest. i've gotten husband hooked, i think. he said he wishes everyone had blogs instead of facebook. hmm?

6 - home decor. i love, love, love looking at great homes. i'm no expert in design, i just enjoy. i could spend all day flipping through catalogs and dreaming. one place i frequent: sneak peeks.

5 - making the most of holidays. green clover-shaped pancakes on st. patrick's day, pumpkin-flavored everything during halloween . . . you get it.

4 - walks and drives. i'm always up for a long walk or a leisurely drive, especially if there is no real destination.

3 - extended family. no explanation needed. okay, maybe. some people don't like their extended families and i will never understand that. what would i do without them?

2 - progress. this is sort of a catch-all. as hard as it can be, i really enjoy making myself a better person and trying to make my family and home better as well.

1 - my little family. i'd rather cuddle up with my sweet husband, my beautiful girl and my cute doggie than do . . . pretty much anything else. i love them the very, very most.

now for some bloggers.
i'm going to tag a few, but if you feel like listing ten things that make you happy and passing it on, you should! i would love to read what makes anybody happy.

brynner - get your jolley's on
mrs. sunny brynn has a wonderful sense of style and an even more wonderful sense of humor! she also has one of the cutest two-year-olds on the planet.

rachael - talk2thetrees
rachael is honest, unique and so creative. i wish i could do what she does with her etsy store.

sarah - scaliwag
my not-so-scary sister has a coming-of-age sort of blog - life after high school, school, her adorable bunny, the likes. she's so herself. also, a really cool artist!

erynn - the mcclures
my other sister and her husband love the outdoors, big engines and their hounds. she can always make me laugh, but anyone else might not get the joke.

juli - tom and juli picklesimer
i don't know how juli does it! she has two kids under two, a husband finishing up grad school and she's all-around good at everything.

here's a rare moment. a baby napping - and nobody is holding her. see how her clothes are starting to get too small? crazy!

now i have to kick the dog out of the house for waking up the baby. grr.


Kristina P. said...

I really like to bake too, and I haven't done it lately. Maybe I should see if I have enough ingredients today!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Haha, I LOVE that your husband is into reading blogs! What a man! =)
I have no talent for decorating either. I'll have to check out the place you frequent.
Love it all!

P.S. As for your little comment on my blog. I am still so very , very much an amateur. As proven by the tater tots we ate for lunch. I know, such a well-rounded meal.

You're doing fab!!

Madalyn said...

I love baking and trying new things/tecniques to cook/bake. I wasn't always good at it though. Growing up, if anyone burnt anything, my family would make a joke out of it and say "O, you Madalyn'd it!" haha who's laughin' now though eh?

Tom and Juli said...

You're too nice. I wish everyone had blogs too, much more beneficial than facebook!

erynn louise said...

hahah thanks braids. and you're right ellie's clothes are getting a little tighter! she's growing up!

Saimi said...

That was fun, thanks for sharing!

Facebook lost it's flavor after I became an obsessive blogger! I rarely visit my facebook page now.

Do you think if you hold Ellie tight she will stop growing, just for a bit longer?

Deanna said...

What a beautiful baby girl! Congratulations (a few months ago).