Thursday, April 1

rough night.

the other night, we discovered that husband can sleep while the baby grunts and whimpers all night.
and i can't.
as soon as the baby fell into a deep sleep, he burst out laughing in his sleep and woke her up again.
when i say burst out, i mean that it made me jump. honestly.

what was the dream? "i was in a class and the teacher gave a bad lecture, but everyone clapped and cheered at the end. so i started laughing, to mock them all. it was silly."

it seriously took me forever to quiet his giggles.
don't get me started on the dog - tapping his little claws on the hard floor as he danced around the room at an ungodly hour.

also, there is a donkey down the street that brays all night. not joking.

p.s. - my mom asked if any of the webcam shots were doctored. the answer is no, but i do have to take a lot of bad pictures to get a good one. example:


Nielsen Family said...

The look on MY baby's face...wish I could be there to put you to bed & steal that baby for a few hours.

Anonymous said...

hehehe my favorite is the last picture. she'll thank us for it later!

Wonder Woman said...

why aren't your new posts sowing up in my reader?!

sorry you had a rough night. My husband is also VERY able to sleep through baby. When my first was a newborn, I changed his diaper in our bedroom with the light on while he was SCREAMING and my husband didn't move a muscle.

Just SO said...

Those long nights are the worst. And that last picture made me laugh and laugh. :)

Saimi said...

I'd love to give you some hope on your nights getting better, but my kids are grown and gone and I still have nights like that. See my post, Sleepless in Washingtion.

By the way, you have an adorable little girl!! At this stage in my life, I'm hoping for grandchildren!!

Alison said...

that vomit picture is priceless!

Madalyn said...

O How I'm glad those rough nights are, for the most, behind me, well until we have another little one. I hope it al gets better!

Wendal said...

I cant help but laugh at your husband bursting out in laughter in his sleep.

Admittedly though, I was one that could sleep while babe fusses at night. Lately (like the last 5 weeks or so) our 2 year old wakes up in the middle of the night and only calls for daddy. Wife is only too glad that thats the way it is now.

Hope maybe !!