Wednesday, April 21


i can't get enough of her funny faces. she goes through a hundred expressions each minute.

anyway, that's the cute part of today.

my friend juli suggested that i do this list of ten honest things that you may/may not/may not want to know about me.
and husband was already complaining about me being "too weird" on the internet.
we'll see how this goes.

10. i have never liked to drink milk. in fact, i think i've only had one glass of milk in my life. when i was five or so, my dad thought i was being finicky and made me sit at the table until i finished my milk. i remember staring into the glass and crying. i think i gulped half of it down while holding my nose. ugghhhh.

9. along that same line, i don't know how to eat oranges. i can't swallow the stringy part. it makes me gag every time. i was 20 before i tried to eat a whole orange.

(wow, this makes me sound so picky! i'm not, i swear. i was the kid who liked mushrooms and sprouts. my aunt would say, "see, bradie knows what's good!" and my cousins would glare at me.)

8. i got my first cell phone about 2 1/2 years ago. yeah, i was 21 when i got it. i didn't know how to text or anything. i'm pretty backward for my age.

7. i listen to a lot of talk radio lately. more specifically, dr. laura. i "take on the day" and "go do the right thing."

6. when i was 11, i thought i was dying and wrote a will. i wish i still had it somewhere. i divvied out everything i owned and left strict instructions about what i wanted to be wearing in my casket.

5. i spent all my elementary school years wanting to be an archaeologist when i grew up. that, or famous.

4. i don't get bugged easily, but i can't stand when people say they're a "long-time-listener, first-time-caller" on any radio show. who cares? (did i mention that i've been listening to talk radio more than ever?)

3. i seriously love sweets. yesterday i burned my lips licking a spoon covered in hot melted chocolate. i couldn't wait.

2. my broken bones: upper jawbone, age 17, surgically, to fix my weird teeth. pinky finger, age 5, on the sandbox in our backyard.

1. i've been working on getting back into the habit of brushing my teeth before bed. i know, gross, but toothpaste gave me bad, bad heartburn when i was pregnant. seriously, like battery acid in my throat. when it comes to sleep vs. clean teeth, i pick sleep. i did (and do) brush my teeth before going out in public, though.

and there you have it.


Nielsen Family said...

i DIDN'T KNOW HOW YOU FELT AT 11. At least i don't remember. I'm glad you're still around.

Rachael Thomas said...

aw so much fun! I wanna do this! Is that okay? ;)

Just SO said...

I LOVE her expressions!!

And I wish you had that will as well. That would be awesome.

I'm not a big milk drinker either. And Jillian won't even stand for it on her cold cereal. She hates milk that bad.

Saimi said...

I bet you can't take your eyes off that sweet lil gal, especially with all her cute expressions!

Never been a fan of milk myself. Never drank it, never will! I eat my cereal dry in a cup..How weird is that!

Adam and Abby Boswell said...

You finally got a cell phone! I'm so proud of you.

Rachelle said...

loved reading that!! and i can see how you could grow up not liking milk - especially if it was forced on you at one time! that's how i felt about stew until i was 30! haha.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

She is so cute!

And I didn't get my first cell phone until I was 23... maybe 24. And I STILL don't know how to text!

Ash said...

The dress looks so good! I love her serious look. She seems so worried. Silly baby.

Ash said...

Also, I used to listen to Dr. Laura all the time, but haven't found it since we moved from Oklahoma.

Rachael Thomas said...

She makes the CUTEST faces.. I love it! ps I tagged you

Roberston said...

I like your baby.