Wednesday, April 7

six weeks old.

here's a little movie to get you through the mid-week blues.
don't mind my silly voices.


..M.. said...

she's got so much personality!! she's so alert. what a cutie!!

Saimi said...

I loved how she was cooing and responding to you. She was just having a little mommy and Ellie time.
Very precious!

Just SO said...

Awwwww!! I love it!

Scaliwag said...

She is so beautiful.
I can't wait to meet her and hold her
in July.

Anonymous said...

i miss ellie.

Sunny Brynn said...


Sunny Brynn said...

I meant to say:

Madalyn said...

OK so that little video made me so baby hungry! Dang you Bradie! I loved all the silly voices from you too. I think it was a beautiful moment for you two!

Wonder Woman said...

I can tell that Aubrey's getting close to smiling and I can't wait! Ellie is ADORABLE!!

Also.....have you tried giving her a few ounces of formula before going down for the night? It's not something I've done with all my babies, but it definitely makes a difference for Aubrey. Also, she sleeps on her tummy. I know that's a no-no, but there are bigger risk factors for SIDS than tummy sleeping, and it makes her happier.

Just a thought. :o)