Monday, April 19

exhausting of her strength.

(the babe has exhausted her strength, too)

at book club the other night, we were talking about being overcome with emotion. one of the girls mentioned a scripture from the book of mormon, where ammon and alma are reunited and ammon passes out because he's just so full of joy.

"now the joy of ammon was so great even that he was full; yea, he was swallowed up in the joy of his God, even to the exhausting of his strength; and he fell again to the earth."

alma 27:17

we talked about this situation and whether it actually happens. well, saturday i got my answer. it happens. it wasn't because of joy, though. in fact, i'm not quite sure what emotion mine was, but i literally fell over. here is the account:

chapter 25

1 and there was in the home, a baby; yea, even the newest of children was this babe, and she was very adorable and possessed a great many charms.
2 and it came to pass that, on this saturday afternoon, this beautiful babe did awake from a nap in an unusual mood; she scowled and fretted; yea, she did even make sounds like unto a growl.
3 and it came to pass that, from the babe, there came a great cry; yea, even unto a howling and wailing like was not known to man before that day.
4 now the din lasted hours, causing a great consternation upon all the household and the although the babe was exceedingly hungry, she refused the meal on account of her awful sadness.
5 and the father did bounce the babe, and the mother did rock the babe, but none could console her.
6 then behold, the father did take the babe out into the wilderness and the sun and the breeze did soothe the child, and she did finally allow herself to be comforted, and she did eat.
7 and it came to pass that, during the time of the wailing and howling, she did dirty three diapers; yea, even dirtying them beyond compare, and thus was the cause of her howling.
8 and it came to pass that the mother and father did lay the babe to nap, that the woman should return to her duties.
9 and behold, the mother did find her filthy mongrel of a dog sleeping atop her clean load of laundry, and though the laundry's whiteness had exceeded the sun, it had become dull.
10 now the mother was full of despair, even unto the buckling of her knees and the spinning of her head; yea, even unto the exhausting of her strength, and she fell again to the carpet, a dirty diaper in each hand.

has it ever happened to anybody else?


Linds and Allen said...

Doing my Monday blog check before I start class- this is hilarious (and I'm not going to lie, a little scary for me since I'm now looking this future dead in the face). Thanks for the laugh!

Madalyn said...

I love this post! Great! Although, I'm so sorry at the same time. I have never been that weak. I have been weak to the point that it was hard to move, I was slow and I blocked all noise out of my mind. I've been so weak that I wanted to cry so bad and to try and "just let it out" but I had no energy to do so. (This was also when I had a very small new born at home that I was experiencing all this weakness)

Rachael Thomas said...

Oh my goodness this made me laugh out loud. haha I'm so glad you wrote it in scripture talk. I'm sorry that happened though.

Saimi said...

Hahaha!! Yea, the scriptures are true!

Thanks for the laugh and I hope your day gets better!!

Just SO said...

Yes but mine involved a two year old with white sauce in her hair and a basement covered in toilet paper.

Sunny Brynn said...

classic!! i am virtually applauding you this second. I am applauding how funny and original this post is. well played mama bradie.

Coppersmiths said...

oh bradie...this is wonderful! you are such a creative writer! it is always so enjoyable to read you your blog. i tell kurt all the time, 'i wish i could be like bradie!' i'm sure you are such a good momma...little ellie is so lucky!

Amber said...

Thanks for the laugh! It just sounds like such a funnier story when you write it in scripturese....I'm sure it wasn't that funny though....

Anonymous said...

oh i love this little story sorry you feel over though! oh and that quilt ellie is laying on is so cute! where on earth did you get it?!! ;)

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Tee hee, sorry, couldn't help but laugh... just a little.
If it's any consolation, imagine all that coming from a 2-year old with fully developed lungs!... Oh wait, that's not comforting... =)
Sorry it was a hard day!