Friday, April 16


it has been a little hectic.

first, judge seemed to take his blog post a little too seriously. he decided he needed more attention than that. his electric fence stopped working and he decided to explore. first he ran around the block with me on his heels, trying to catch him with a handful of treats. i ended up carrying him half a mile home, which is no easy feat. he's one fat dog. also, he was trying to run while i was holding him.
after the first escape, we fixed the fence but forgot to put his electric collar back on. he ended up deep in the woods before we knew it. that's when i realized that we hadn't updated the phone number on his tag or the information regarding his microchip. i found out that the microchip company has possibly the best customer service in the world. 24petwatch, you saved my life. well, you helped me keep calm. luckily, we got him back just fine, but now i know that his information is correct and i will be helped promptly if he ever really does go missing.

second, we still haven't been sleeping very well. i'm ready to shoot someone. actually, i'm ready to shoot a bird. with a bb gun. which we actually have.
when i get up with a squirmy, growly ellie i hear this bird chirping. the first thing i think is "wow, did she sleep through the night?!" then i check the clock. it's 3:30. this bird is really cruel. i'm the type of person that likes to make sure bugs get back outside (i only squish if they try to crawl on me) but this bird is about to get it. i can't take one more night with this tease.

more than once, i've had people tell me "bradie, the weirdest things happen to you."
i can say this much:
good or bad, it sure isn't boring.


Ash said...

I don't think Ellie likes the idea of her future job very much. You should have had her call for Judge. Sometimes he makes noises like a hog.

Just SO said...

Hope Judge has that all out of his system and I hope that bird learns to keep it's beak shut.

Rob & Kristi Nelson said...

I think you should shoot the bird! Then come over to my house and shoot the one that decided to live in the hole in my roof. It's right above my bed and for some reason bird are most defenitly awake at 3:30am. What silly things!

Saimi said...

I feel like laughing because I know how Beagles get and I can just imagine you chasing the little bugger. The naughty dog!

Then your story about wanting to shoot the bird reminds me of the movie, "Failure to Launch" where a girl had the same experience as you with a chirpping bird.

I hope you get some sleep, take a nap with Ellie, maybe that will help curve the edge.

Madalyn said...

O Bradie, you need to shoot the dang thing, I would go crazy. I love nature and all that it has to offer but not at 3:00 a.m. Good luck, I hope you get sleeping soon!

Sunny Brynn said...

yup. with a newbie being so rudely awakened by a bird... i feel you have every right to take this situation into your own hands... good luck!