Tuesday, August 20

rocky mountain high, part i

i might have already mentioned that i had a new appreciation for the western mountains while we were in utah.  (i might have mentioned it. i'm too lazy to go back and read my own blog right now.)

living in a totally different climate and environment for almost five years, i really noticed the rocky mountains for what felt like the first time in my life. i mean, we have mountains here in the south. mountains that are ancient, worn, and quiet. mountains that are rolling and gradual. mountains that are even full of human history.
but the mountains in utah are towering. they're imposing. they're breathtaking. they are wild. it doesn't hurt that you can see them from wherever you are. 
and we were able to go high up into their meadows and peaks and explore. 
more than once. 
it was beautiful.

we spent a day in the uinta mountains at the spot where our family and friends camp and hunt deer in the fall. it was a perfect day and the perfect time of year. the mountain breeze, wildflowers, blue skies... it was the best. the girls loved it and ellie asked every day to go back.
(i would have loved to spend a week there. never enough time.)

addie lou spends a lot of time up there with her mom and dad, her other grandparents and their family. she was right at home and we loved that she and aunt erynn could come with us. 

 she looks mad, but she's folding her arms to pray. 

them too. ready to pray.

uncle noah was a real sport in a car full of little girls. not many 16-year-olds would have the patience for all the diaper/potty stops and crazy singing that he put up with from us. love you, uncle noah!

 we didn't get a lot of pictures of grammie, i guess because she was spending as much time chasing kids as i was! 

above picture = story of my life. grammie took this one.

grampa on "the pipe" with the girls. 
(this is where addie lou's mommy and daddy got engaged! aw.)

gosh, mountains! and family! we miss you. 
good thing i have about a million more pictures.

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Kathleen said...

i love the mountains too! I even miss them living in the middle of the valley in Lehi. I'm so used to living right at their base.