Thursday, August 1

goin' to the zoo, part one.

we went to the atlanta zoo with all the little cousins just a few days before we left for utah.
then, in utah, we went to the hogle zoo with our other little cousin. 
both times were a total blast and the zoos are so different that there is no way we could have been bored. is it possible to get bored with all these animals? 

anyway, i present to you the first installment of
cousins at the zoo! 

part one: zoo atlanta.

for cousin jonathan's birthday we headed to zoo atlanta with daddy, grammie, aunt ann, the birthday boy, and little baby ethan. it was sweaty and so much fun. we couldn't possibly have seen all the animals there, but we put in a good effort. the family of gorillas really put on a show for us. with all these crazy kids i didn't get many great pictures but we did get some great memories.

mom and the birthday boy (can't believe he's two!). wait, make that supermom and the birthday boy! the zoo with a two-year-old and an infant is hard work.

 ellie loved all of what she calls "cheese spots" at the zoo. we had to try every single one.

sweet "geewaff" kisses. 

poppy could have stayed in the petting zoo all day. she loved each and every goat.

ellie told us that the animal she most wanted to see was a warthog. wish granted: mud, warts, and all. 

 she climbed all over this and then we saw the sign about not climbing... oops. :)

of course, poppy had a moment when we buckled her. she wants to be big so badly. 

so we pretty much took a hundred pictures to get any good ones, 
but i kinda love these crazy pictures of these crazy (crazy cute!) kids. 
(+one handsome daddy, too.)

part at hogle zoo with our other cousin and grammie.

can't wait!

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Ash said...

I love these pics! I also love that everyone has the genetic fowler hot weather-pink face.