Thursday, August 8

the year of the potty.

it's hard to believe that we got home from utah a month ago, especially since i've barely scratched the surface when it comes to sharing stories and pictures.

a lot has happened this month.
too much growing up has been happening.

i'm happy to report that miss eleanor is all the way 100% potty trained. no potty seats or potties in the back of the van or anything. no more fear of public restrooms. no pullups ever. at night included. she did it! in her own time and at her own pace, but she did it. i couldn't be more proud of her.

and then there's penelope. she must have a great sense of irony, because the same week that ellie really moved forward, poppy decided she wanted to start using the potty, too. i was surprised and thought she was just being silly at first, but she has kept it up. she cries when i try to put diapers on her and yells "no, potty me! me! potty me!" above all, she runs around the house in no clothes, just a little naked butt. it's hilarious. she's serious about her effort, though, because yesterday she used the potty all day with only one accident. i'm so proud of my big girl.

however proud, this mom is tired. tired of cleaning up pee-pee.
we started this journey at the beginning of the year and it is still going strong, no break.
in the end it will be worth it but the year of the potty is sure taking a toll on me.

i literally found white hairs last week. a few of them.

and i haven't even mentioned the stress of a car being in the shop for almost six weeks, two little girls who often have all-out brawls with each other (complete with actual punches thrown), some pretty obnoxious health issues, and, you know, the business of everyday life. luckily we've had lots of help and support.

but we're coming out the other end of the tunnel and ready to jump in to this fall headfirst. we have plans for preschooling and gymnastics and a lot of fun, we hope.

after all, halloween is coming and we all know how ellie feels about halloween.
yep, she's already talking about it.

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