Friday, August 2

goin' the zoo, part two.

we went to the atlanta zoo with all the little cousins just a few days before we left for utah.
then, in utah, we went to the hogle zoo with our other little cousin. 
both times were a total blast and the zoos are so different that there is no way we could have been bored. is it possible to get bored with all these animals? 

anyway, i present to you the second installment of
cousins at the zoo! 

we headed up to salt lake city with grandma, uncle noah, auntie erynn and addie lou (or, as poppy says it, "addaloooo!") on a bright sunny day. it was hot but perfect and the girls had a great time, so long as we didn't try to buckle them in or stop them from going wherever they pleased. it's a miracle we got any pictures at all because all three were little blurs running in opposite directions the entire time. they loved all the animals, but the carousel was a huge hit. 
they all conked out on the way home, of course. (and that's how these stories should always end.)
all the girls at the zoo!

it's hard to see, but poppy's face went back and forth from excitement to awe the entire time.

i have always loved the giraffes at the hogle zoo. we even saw a little baby! 

 we had two strollers and used neither of them for kids. all three girls are RUNNERS. luckily we had them outnumbered, but they still kept us on our toes.
what can i say? the girl loves gorillas.

poppy's peeking out at me.

mesmerized. (i was too.)

 don't feed the bears!

gotta have a lion-drinking-fountain picture.

and poppy (addie loved helping). 

ellie picked the cassowary on the carousel.

poppy said she wanted to ride the turkey in the background, but when she saw the mantis she changed her mind.

sweet mommy and baby. :)

 i wish i had a better picture of the joy on her face, but this one is as close as i got.

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