Sunday, September 22

last month: quotes

it's fall, y'all. today it's official.

another thing that is official: i'm officially bad at blogging. well, at keeping up with it.
the honest truth is that i've had a rough month, but i don't know if i can keep saying that because it seems like just about every month is rough. in the past two weeks i had puking kids and literal trails of diarrhea around the house soooooo, rough applies. again.
i guess rough is our norm.

since i left the summer  unfinished (to say the least) i thought i'd give you some highlights from the past little while in the form of quotes and some end of summer pictures. 
they're pretty good, because poppy has gotten a lot more verbal lately and ellie is a jokester. 
buckle up for the ride.

ellie: "uh, yeah, i don't think so, tim."
(she has no idea what show that comes from.)

whenever poppy gets into predicaments (often): "hep, mama! hemme! hemme!"

ellie: "ugh! SUPER WHY! it's killing my ears!"

ellie: "poppy, you are wearing me out."

ellie: "mommy, you threw away my BEST balloon!"
(it was a garbage balloon that she found running errands.)

poppy and ellie both get little spanks when they fight. we hate it, but sometimes it's the only way to break them up. they get pretty fierce, like, they do actual wrestling moves on each other. not kidding. last time poppy knew she was in trouble for fighting, she immediately said "oh! no 'pank me!"
(and sometimes her charms work on daddy, and he pretends to spank her and drums on her bum instead.)

me: "sorry, we're all out of chocolate."
poppy: "awwww!"

poppy: "p! p!"
me: "yes, poppy starts with 'p.' that's good!"
poppy: "p! p!"
me: "that's right, 'p' for poppy."
poppy: "poop!"
me: "oh! you have to go potty?"
poppy:  "uh huh! pee! pee!"
 (great job mommy.)

(don't worry, it is mostly grapes and only a little bit sand in her mouth.)

ellie has a new thing lately - being worried, then relieved.

we had to go to the doctor and we were talking about it.
 ellie: "mommy, am i going to get a shot?"
me: "no, not this time. i don't think you'll get a shot today."
ellie: (wipes forehead) "WHEW!"

i told ellie about a friend who is having surgery. i explained it a little.
ellie: "i don't want to have surgery."
me: "you don't have to have surgery. someone else is having surgery."
ellie: (wipes forehead) "WHEW!"

ellie has been going to gymnastics!
every week, ellie asks: "is poppy old enough for gymnastics this week? i think she is getting bigger."
poppy: "nastics me!"
sadly, poppy is not old enough yet. 

ellie's time-out advice: "poppy, you just gotta listen and say the right words."
poppy: "o-tay."

we've watched some lord of the rings lately. ellie asked to watch it when she was awake and sick at 3 am. some of her comments:
ellie: "can we watch the first one, with just one hobbit that turns the trolls into statues?"
ellie: (every twenty minutes during the fellowship of the ring) "okay, so, next are they going to throw the ring into the fire?"
ellie: "are those the misty mountains, mommy?"

poppy enjoys it, too.
poppy: "hobbits! hobbits, mama!"

ellie: "when poppy was a baby, she chewed an animal's hand off of its body."
(not true!!!) (creepy!)

commercials have been getting the better of them. because of the frequent hot pockets commerical on hulu, ellie thinks hot pockets are the tastiest idea in the world. she says: "i think hot pockets are so delicious, mommy!" and we try to convince her they are not, in fact, that delicious. she wants to have a party and serve hot pockets to everyone. when she takes bites of food she'll say, "oh wow, that's hot!" (from the commercial).
best of all, they both will randomly sing the little jingle together, and poppy can actually pronounce it very clearly. "hot pockets!"

and my personal favorite is....

me: "what should we have for dinner?"
ellie: "bacon! i like bacon. poppy likes bacon, daddy likes bacon, you like bacon."
me: "i do like bacon."
ellie: "so prepare the royal bacon!"

yeah, all that cuteness kinda maybe almost makes up for the trails of diarrhea... 
well, it's a close one. 
see you later this week with more kid smiles and stories! 
xoxoxox from fowlerland


Kathleen said...

Prepare the royal bacon! They are both so cute and hilarious! We miss you guys!

Just SO said...

I love hearing the things that they have to say! How fun!
Here's hoping that rough is NOT your norm :)

Nielsen Family said...

Lovin this blog. It's amazing you keep it up as much as you do.
Love Love Love you!!!