Friday, September 27

rocky mountain high, part ii

ever since we went to utah, ellie talks about it. a lot.
and asks if we can go back today. or tomorrow.
and talks about real (and make-believe) adventures in utah with her grandma and grandpa.

since i hear there is snow on the utah mountains already, i thought i'd post a few more pictures from a sunday drive with grandma and grandpa in provo canyon. it was beautiful. and poppy slept the whole time, which was equally beautiful.

here are some memories:

ellie loves utah so much, she even made a proclamation: 
"did you know? i belong in utah."

i'm telling you, we should have teleportation by now.
it's just not fair to me, the one who has to break this girl's heart every day. 


Nielsen Family said...

Tears and smiles. Sometimes they go together. We miss you all so very much. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics....hugs & kisses all around.

Chantal Marie said...

Its so easy to forget how incredible our mountains are. Seeing them every day makes you think its normal to have those things right outside your window. The truth is that they are actually quite breathtaking.
Of course Ellie thinks she belongs in Utah. She is a Nielsen. Nielsen's belong in the mountains, dont they?

Saimi said...

What a lovely day, makes me love Utah too!!!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Good ole' Utah. Those were the days. :)