Monday, November 4

falling for fall.

this past month fall fell, and we fell for it. hard.

we've soaked up every last minute of corn mazes, pumpkin patches, halloween parties, football games, and beautiful days at the park.

i've got a bunch of great pictures from our many events. i'm having a hard time deciding what to post first, and i'm working on all the posts right now.

today i have sneak peek with a few quotes, because these girls... oh man. they keep me on my toes.

 some of poppy's newest catchphrases:
 "follow me!"
"yeah! awright!"
 (she gets pretty excited.)

she's starting to speak in real sentences now, and i can understand about... 85% of what she is trying to say.
last week she she was crying and came to me:
me: "poppy, what happened?"
poppy: "ah bumpah mah head." (bumped her head)
me: "oh, i'm sorry, what were you doing?"
poppy: "runnin' awound ih suhcuhs." (running around in circles)

and another morning she came into my room asking for something that, for the life of me, i could not understand.
"nuhnuh tuhduhs, mommy!"
another what?
what turtles?
she patiently repeated it for about five minutes later i finally understood that she wanted to watch ninja turtles.

as far as ellie goes, one word: sassy.

after gymnastics, we usually head to the playground for a few minutes before we head home. one day we made other plans and we weren't heading to the playground. after class, i watched as ellie stood up in front of everyone and announced: "we will not be on the playground today. we are going to make cookies! see you next time!" then she came to me and said, "don't worry mommy, i told my class that we can't play today." yep, you did.

lately when she says something rude, i try to correct her and tell her how she can express herself politely. it's totally backfiring, because not only does she have a polite/sassy reply, she imitates my tone. instead of saying, "let's go already!" she says "i'm sorry mommy, i thought you said we were about to leave." sheesh.

oh my children. where do they get this stuff?

keep on the lookout for the rest of our fall fun. :)

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