Friday, November 8

corn festival(s) part one.

we have this great local farm with a pumpkin patch, corn maze, and activities in the fall. in the late spring it's all about the strawberry picking. get this: we had never been! well, we went once in the fall, but we only rode the wagon around once and didn't even take a second look at the pumpkins. ellie didn't care, she was barely 18 months old.

this year we ended up going twice, so i guess we we made up for lost time. the girls are at this perfect age for having fun and being interested in everything. basically anything is a good time when you're with them. we went to what ellie dubbed "the corn festival" first with some friends (it was so hot and sunny we all got sunburned) and then again with ellie's preschool group (and it rained on us most of the time) and each visit was so much fun.

these pictures are from our sunny, sunny day:

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