Friday, April 19


(possibly my favorite picture ever of all time.)

i had heard rumors that three is so much harder than two.
(i mean the age of the children, not the amount. this is definitely not an announcement, my friends.)

for us, it's true. three is just full of drama. and tantrums. and the potty training! don't even get me started on the hell that potty training has been.

oh, the drama. you can rarely predict what is going to trigger it or where it is going happen.

however, i am starting to think that three is also when the real childhood begins.

she is doing things. amazing things. things that she might actually have a memory of someday.
she's telling me things. she's making up stories and using her imagination.
she's getting to be so independent. she knows what she wants and i am having to help her less and less every day. (i absolutely love when she actually asks for my help and we can do something together.)

and although she sometimes has a hard time knowing how to express them, she is having so many feelings. i love when she can find the words, because it is so interesting to hear her describe how she feels. 
today we were eating lunch outside and she observed that it was quiet, even though there were bird noises and insect noises and such. i had a chance to explain to the girls what it means to feel peaceful while they were actually experiencing it.

i barely recognize the tiny little baby i brought home from the hospital. she's 100% kid and she is more than happy to remind you of that fact.

ps --
recently she has really gotten the hang of using the potty.
all it took was a new pair of sparkly shoes and a lot of chocolate.
(like this girl wasn't high maintenance enough already.)

one more mombrag: working on letters :) 


pefblog said...

Ellie is a wonderful girl. Smart, beautiful, thoughtful, did I say smart?
We are lucky she is part of our world!

kathy said...

The picture in the cart is PRICELESS. Every mother has been there. I LOVE IT! Give them both a kiss from great Auntie Kathy and UNcle Cliff!

Erynn said...

that picture makes me laugh every time i see it! miss ellie really is getting to be a big girl! i can't wait to see her! congrats on the success of potty training!