Wednesday, April 10


i love whenever these girls get really interested in something.

like books. they go nuts for books, but you already know that. when they are acting like little hooligans and they can't stop brawling with each other (and more than likely pulling hair), i need a giant sign in my house that says "get a book!" as a reminder because it almost always tames my little savage beasts. 

they love the library. they love when i take them to a thrift store and let them pick books to take home. they love reading to themselves and i could read to them all day without complaint. some nights (the best nights), ellie will quietly read herself to sleep.

(i did not pick this book for purchase. a sweet worker at goodwill suggested it to the girls and then i couldn't just put it back, you know? and for some reason ellie loves it - maybe because i've never actually shown her barney? just had to add that disclaimer.) 

i've been reading charlotte's web to ellie before bed. we read several chapters a night and she always wants more. you would not believe how quickly this stubborn little girl brushes her teeth and hops in bed when she knows it is time to read. she was a little bummed at first when she found out charlotte wasn't going to wrap wilbur up and eat him, but she seemed satisfied when she found out that at least charlotte drinks blood (morbid maybe?). she loves it.

i have amassed our own library of books to read to the girls and i'm so excited to pick our next one. i even have shelves and shelves of books that they won't enjoy for years but i still CAN'T WAIT for them to read them and know them and love them. 

i guess a love of reading is something they get honestly. :)


Kathleen said...

i love that they love to read so much! i've got a bookshelf full of books that i can't wait for my kids to read also. once, you know, i have kids. which could be any day now!

Cap said...

Lately, my son Maddox has been getting into Spider-Man comics. I couldn't be more proud. He loves Spider-Man.