Wednesday, April 24

finding their babies.

friends & family, 

i don't know how many people read this blog or how far my "reach" extends but i know i have friends and readers in several states across the country and i have to get this out there. i know that many of you are parents and this story is important to me. 

everyone has a different path to parenthood. some become parents by accident, some become parents very easily and effortlessly, and some become parents after years of struggle and sacrifice.

my friends brian & julie are some of the most generous and kind people i know. they are smart and witty and creative. and their path to parenthood has been one of struggle and sacrifice. they have decided to choose adoption and i couldn't be more excited for them. 

these days, you know someone who knows someone who has a friend and that's how adoptions happen. there's social media and there are blog posts like this one to help prospective parents along the way. 

if you know anybody or can spread the word to help my friends find their babies, please do it. you might not know it now, but you may hold the key to helping this family come together. the babies are out there and these parents are waiting for them with open arms and open hearts. they just need help finding each other. 

just keep them in mind and who knows what might happen? 
miracles, that's what might happen.

for more about them and links to their adoption profile, you can go here: 

also, you really can help them by doing what you already do! 
if you use amazon for shopping or have a kindle or whatever, you can buy the things you already would buy but a tiny bit of the money goes to help their adoption funds. just go to this link: 
(in fact, just go ahead and bookmark it) and shop as usual. seriously, click on it! it doesn't look any different to you, does it? right?! but if you buy through this link you will be helping my friends become a the family of their dreams and you can feel even better about the new shoes or toys or books you just purchased. it's so easy. 

good luck to you, julie & brian. 
we can't wait to meet your babies.

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Grandma Doni said...

Thanks for letting people know you are 110% right that is how parents find their children and families start. It is crazy weird but people will tell you they know their child was meant to be with them. I can add my testimony to that group as well. You may not know but we adopted after Kristi got married and Josh was on his mission. Yes we were nuts and we are very grateful that we were!