Monday, April 1

making a fool out of mommy.

happy april fools, i guess?
i am really not a big fan of practical jokes, playing them or "receiving" them. silly stuff is fine, sure, but when it gets personal i start to dislike the jokes (if you can call them that). i'm too nervous and stressed out for stuff like that.

my girls played some "jokes" on me today that included running away as fast as they could (IN PUBLIC) several times and one frightening, life-threatening incident. i need a day off.

of course i love them, but they sure know how to make me feel like i'm not up to the challenge of motherhood. they give me a run for my money daily. they are what you might call "a handful."

on the flipside, we had a joint check-up today and they are both normal, healthy, perfect little girls. they were very well behaved, too, and there were no tears even though there were some shots. i guess all the practicing with the doctor's kit ellie got for her birthday prepared them for today.

as we walked in to see the doctor, ellie asked, "who's getting stitches today, mommy?"
"nobody!" i said, and i sure hope it stays that way for a while.

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O'Connor Famiglia said...

I just have to remember that picture of Ellie spreading dirt all over the floor when I think Bence is a handful. I feel that I'm not cut out to be a mommy at least once a day (usually more) - I'm pretty sure it's just part of the experience. Thank goodness they're so cute though! Heavenly Father knew what he was doing- it's hard to stay mad at them for too long when they're so stinkin' adorable!