Friday, April 12

poppy at 15 (okay, more like almost 17) months.

you guys, this girl!
she's so adorable.
i know i'm her mom and i'm supposed to think that, but she IS!
i can't get enough of her.
(except in the middle of the night. i think i could definitely use less poppy in the middle of the night. yeah, she still isn't sleeping very well. i blame the molars that are taking their sweet time.)

she is really becoming her own person with a whole lot of personality. maybe even extra personality...
she is right in the middle of the "no" phase. no means yes, no means no, no means i want to eat a bite of your cake and no means LET ME GO. actually, she yells OUCH! OUCH! when she wants me to let her go, which makes me feel like she is trying to make me look like a bad mom. she especially loves saying "no no" or "uh-oh" (and "uuuhhps!" for whoops) when she has done something naughty on purpose. in her defense, she also says no a lot because of a sister who frequently rips toys out of her hands or takes her food.

despite the fixation with no, her vocabulary is really extensive. she parrots a lot and it is getting easier to understand her little ewok language. she has mostly stopped crying in the night, instead she moans "mommy, mommy" so pathetically that i really can't ignore it.

some of her best (ie my favorite) words:
"ap-oh" for apple, but really any food is ap-oh especially "daddy ap-oh" (whatever daddy is eating that she wants)
"JUUU!" for juice (or "ap-oh juu")
"show" when she wants to watch tv, usually at 3 am
"eh-ohoh" for eleanor
"doudee" for cookie
"SHOOOSSS" she always wants put on shoes and "sahz" socks
"pidee" for anything pretty, usually jewelry
"duh-dee" for judgie and "duhdge" for judge
"dahdee" doggie (she's obsessed)
"maow" for mouth, "no" for nose, "eyeee" for eye, "hed" for head
she also says "maow" for minnie & mickey mouse
and "wella" for cinderella
"hawt" for hot and "brrrr!" for cold
"hepah" for helper (she loves "helping")
and she never really has said much mama and dada, always "dadeeeeee" and "mommeeeeee"
she loves saying "hiieee" and "buh-bye-eee" like she's a one-baby welcoming committee (and her pageant wave is perfect)
she loves my phone and brings it to me saying "cheeeeeeeeedse!" and smiling like crazy

her voice is just so funny and cute. it's soft and low and breathy and, even when she yells, it sounds hilarious. everything she says is newsworthy to me.

she is really into dolls lately. she has to have her "babeh DAAHHWW" (baby doll, for some reason she always accentuates the "doll" part) to sleep at night and usually has an armful of babies that need liberating from her crib with her each morning. she loves to fall asleep with a dolly in each arm. she hugs and kisses, rocks and pats them. often when she's up in the night i will be snuggling poppy and poppy with be snuggling her baby doll in the same way. she loves all the dollies, even the barbies, and totes them around the house. she is always pushing them in my face for kisses yelling "mah! mah!" (her "muah" kiss noise). (as you might guess, she is even more excited about real babies.) she is well-balanced, like ellie, though, and loves "amimuhs" (animals) and "raaaaahhh!!!" dinosaurs and really freaks out about "chooo choooos!"

she loves to dance and sing. she tries to mimic ellie's ballet moves but also loves to rock. no really, she head-bangs. she makes up words to songs and loves to sing into the pretend microphone. she gets really into it, like american-idol-style.  not sure where she gets that. i really love her little singing voice, even if sometimes she sounds like the seagull from the little mermaid.

poppy loves trouble. she colors on walls and windows, she hides from me, she smacks me when i try to stop her from running away in the store, and so on. she is worse than ellie ever was at this age, i think. she sits on top of tables, she dances on chairs, she climbs everything and she has even escaped the house - she loves giving us all heart-attacks. she got staples a few weeks ago after she fell on the fireplace (while being a daredevil), and i can't even tell you how that didn't slow her down for a second. the other day, she even started saying "tru-buh" (trouble) in her best e.t. voice.

you really can't stay mad at this one, though. she's so funny even if she is literally exhausting. she's just an adorable little monster and i wouldn't have her any other way. i mean, i never did want a boring life. she's just trying to make my dreams come true.

love you little p! 


O'Connor Famiglia said...

What a lovely long post! I love reading about your girls- it helps me know what I have to look forward to in the coming months. Both your girls seem like they have such spunk and personality. It's really funny to me how they are so defined from the get go. I feel that most days are overwhelmingly nature, not nurture. ;)

Erynn said...

we love miss poppy too and can't wait for her to come and visit! addie isn't into the word no yet but she does shake her head at every question you ask her :). i think she and addie will be best of friends... hopefully no one will be in need of stitches or staples this summer!