Sunday, August 12

birthday time.

today officially begins my late twenties.

still so much life to live.
can't wait. :)

happy birthday to me.
 (ellie has been singing happy birthday to me all week. it's great.)

later this week i'll have a post about my goals from last year.


O'Connor Famiglia said...

Happy happy birthday! I hope it was a great one! August is an amazing month- so many of my favorite people were born then!

Ann Taylor said...

Happy (late) Birthday! We're sorry to have missed it- but I hope it was special :D We sure do miss you guys already!!

Ryan+Michelle+Ellie said...

happy happy birthday!!!! (late) Hope you had a fabulous day!! p.s. me and Mich B. went to Denver and talked about how we need to come out and visit yoU!