Friday, August 17

star of stage and screen.

(we always have to pick all the dandelions on the way to the car.)

ellie has been hilarious lately.
and a pill.
but a hilarious pill.

i have gotten some videos of her. i'll share. :)

the mcdonalds song that she made up:

"mcdonalds! a mickey mickey donnn."

getting all broadway on me:

unfortunately i only get the tail ends of what she is doing. when she sees that i'm filming it she tends to stop, or at least tone it down. she was twirling around the room singing at full volume for at least 15 minutes, then she saw the camera and started humming instead.

sound effects:

she finally met a policeman the other night when she was with daddy and she got to see the lights on his car. then she watched him pull someone over and for the rest of the night she kept saying, "he got his man!"

also, a few things for me to remember about ellie lately:

she came up with her first name for a toy the other day: "karicity." like felicity, but with a "kar" at the beginning instead. it has to do with lyle the crocodile. she loves the books about him, and his mother's name is felicity.

which leads me to her listening comprehension. her storybooks are real worlds to her. the other day she said, "mommy, it's so quiet here on east 88th street tonight!" that's another lyle reference. she remembers so much about her stories - which is usually a good thing, but sometimes bad.

finally, i asked her the other day if we were friends. she looked at me and said, "of course, mom! i love you!"

i love hearing all of the things she is thinking. she has such a wonderful imagination. her mind is always working, that girl.

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