Monday, August 13


summer is almost "officially" gone.
by that, i mean that school is starting (in our college town, ellie's beloved "bulldog town," it's a real noticeable change) and we are going back to a more regular routine.

however, i happen to know that summer will stick around and become indian summer and then early autumn and it will stay HOT. boots and scarves are still months and months away.

summer, we have loved you. sleepy mornings, late nights, dinners full of fruits and veggies, swimming, fireflies, running in the park, parties and parties and parties. we have had the pleasure of spending quality time with so much of our family this summer (utah family, we want to see you soon! i don't know when, but hopefully soooooon!).

i have loved our adventures.

i do miss naps and bedtimes terribly, though.
can they come back, please?

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O'Connor Famiglia said...

I don't feel to bad about sleeping and and taking naps right now, because I know that they will go away and never come back in a few short months. I think the scariest and most difficult sounding part of being a parent is the lack of sleep! You make me miss the east so much with all your pictures! I miss living where things grow without sprinkler systems. (although I don't miss the humidity at all) I have a hard time picking a favorite season- but summer is just awesome, it's like one big party from start to finish. ;)