Wednesday, August 15

goals: accomplished?

(this is me, being real - wearing lazy clothes and kids playing around me.)

last year i made 25 goals for 25 years. 
did i accomplish them? 
get ready for a wordy post
or some cute photobooth pictures with some annoying words bordering them. :)

1. eat at least one green, leafyish thing per day.
i really have been pretty good at this one, on average. maybe not every day for the last 365, but i have made a real effort to eat more fruits and vegetables and i usually get in a few each day. green smoothies have really helped.
2. be better at realizing when i'm in a "technology loop" and getting out of it immediately!
having two babies can really stop you from getting stuck on the internet for long.
3. make better breakfasts for myself and for ellie.
4. finish at least one book a month (but let's shoot for two).
on average? yes. each month? no. i just finished reading nightwoods by charles frazier.
5. finally sew that bathrobe for myself before the baby comes.
eh, i bought one. it turned out to be too much easier and cheaper. maybe at some point i'll make a really pretty one, but the one i have works.
6. make a quilt for baby boo.
sigh. i kind of suspended projects like this one indefinitely. right now my two very active babies need my focus and add a husband trying to do school and work full-time... not happening. i'm not that sad about it. i have been able to get some smaller projects done over the past few weeks and i'm working up to bigger ones, such as this.
7. print off more pictures and get a good start on an ellie book and a family book.
not so much. 
8. get organized with the bills and budget. 
i've actually gotten worse... you don't need to hear my excuses, but i still plan on it.
9. get out of bed earlier (i want to say that i'll wake up at 4:45 with the husband but we all know that isn't happening). 
why did i think this would happen? sleep when the baby sleeps has been the rule around here lately. the two have conspired to rarely sleep at the same time (not joking) and so i get very little sleep, much less alone time.
10. make more dates happen (we've been on like, two real dates since ellie was born).
we've done okay. maybe a couple. definitely need more.
11. participate in some kind of organized walk/run. i'm not committing to running, though.
this one i actually, really did! color run 5k! yes! cross it off!

12. spend more time reading with ellie (she likes to "read" to herself, but i need to read to her more).
i've done really well with this one, too. we go to the library every two weeks even though it is usually a challenge to keep both babies under control. ellie loves all the worlds from her storybooks. she asks for specific authors and characters. :)
13. drink more water. i go through phases where i drink a lot and then i don't. back to being a fish.
yes and no. more no. i have been drinking more, but still soda more than water. yikes.
14. take the little family on at least three awesome, memory-making adventures.
i'm counting it. we went to the beach a couple of times, but in general we have spent a lot more quality time as a family - most of it is exercising together and i'm proud of that.
15. pare down my closet and start only buying the things i really want/need (example: the perfect black jeans), not just what's on sale or cute at the time.
16. lose the baby weight (that would be by my next birthday, but within four months would be ideal).
i did it! back to pre-poppy weight (which was the lowest i had been since moving to georgia) in four months and now i am down to eight pounds below that! yes!
17. eat more dinners at the table.
we have been eating more dinners together and dinners that we plan together, rather than a separate meal for each of us. hard to explain, but we've had a big change in that aspect.
18. get back into keeping a real journal. 
no. partly because i have no place to keep something like that from little hands. 
19.  reduce the sugar intake. bake healthier.
20. keep some plants alive.
21. do another money experiment like the one we did last year (where we only spent $100 for the whole week). 
didn't. :(
22. potty train ellie. eek.
she has definitely not been ready. we're going to make another go soon. 
23. keep my room cleaner, make my bed, etc. (somehow my room is the worst in the house, no matter how hard i try to keep ellie out).
24. be better about keeping in touch without the internet.
25. say and show my love and appreciation as often as possible. 
 i hope i've been better, but i always need to keep working on this one!  

15 out of 25 - not too shabby! some of my life changes weren't specifically because of these goals (in fact, i couldn't remember what all of them were for a while), but i think just having them written somewhere subconsciously made me work toward bettering myself. 

i'm still very much a work in progress, but i think i have been heading the right direction. 

maybe i can come up with some new goals for a new year. maybe not 26. maybe 10? 10 per year? 
check back and i may have some that i feel like sharing. 


Saimi said...

The 10 you crossed out are some goals that I struggle with so 15 out of 25 isn't bad sister!

Ash said...

Way to go!

I was going to say that you look like you were looking really svelt, but I never know if that is rude or not! But you look great. And I would definitely call 15 out of 25 a success.

Ann Taylor said...

you are AMAZING! I really believe juggling just a handful of improvements at a time is difficult enough without 2 VERY ACTIVE babies!
I've spent the last two weeks now getting to brag about all my family and especially my two nieces- you are an amazing mom with two amazing handfuls!! I definitely think you've earned more than a pat on the back! I don't think I can fit "amazing" in here again... but you'd deserve it!

Erynn said...

that is awesome!! congratulations on accomplishing your goals! it is a great inspiration for me to get going on a few. (including loosing the baby weight)

Nielsen Family said...

Can i say how amazing it is to see your children become amazing adults? Ann - you can neve ruse the word amazing too often, especially when talking about ayoung mom who really is....well...amazing. bradie, you are an inspiration to me. I haven't written down goals for quite a while. it's time to begin anew! What a great example you are to me. I love you so very much!