Wednesday, July 25

great eight!

poppy is eight months old.
i haven't been keeping up here on the blog but i have been taking pictures
and mostly just watching in amazement at her progress.

seriously, she's an amazing kid! after ellie, i honestly thought that it would be hard for poppy to keep up (sorry, boo). i was fine with that - totally ready for a relaxed baby that wanted to take things slow. i was so wrong about her!

she has been full-on crawling for weeks now. she gets around and into everything. ellie was never a really good crawler because she went straight to walking, so i'm still getting used to sweeping the floor of every minuscule item a poppy might put in her mouth. she always has something in there that she shouldn't.

i'm not sure that she's going to stick to crawling long, though, because she wants to stand all the time. when you try to set her down on the floor she straightens her legs and tries to stand up instead. she pulls up on everything and is now experimenting with a few seconds of unsupported standing. she just started taking steps behind our little push-walker. those delicious legs are more than chub! she's very strong. i can't believe how fast she learns. she is very, very proud of herself.

she wants to be big just like her sister. 
she wants to eat everything (gave her a cooked carrot the other day to suck on, she gummed it up and ate the whole thing), she loves sippy cups and always tries to get ellie's, and she wants to play with whatever ellie is playing with (this is going to be an issue for at least the next... 15 years, right?). 

she holds her own against her sister. she wrestles her, pulls her hair and lets everyone know (loudly) when ellie does something that she doesn't like. she won't stand for bullying. :)

she looks so much like her daddy. i think she acts like him, too. loves getting into trouble, but you can't stay mad at her because she is just too funny. also, if you surprise her she scrambles like she has been up to no good. sometimes i sneak up on her just to watch her try to cover her tracks.

she still makes lots of noise and loves to smile. she grins and grins all day long. she loves to baby cuss and call for dada when she's upset, but when she's happy she motorboats around the house and screeches. she hates when it is quiet (lucky for her it almost never is, thanks to ellie). 

poppy loves: 

being in the water (splashing)
playing with toys
being held
standing up
drinking from a sippy cup
exploring the house
pulling hair
snuggles at night
giving big kisses
hugging the doggie
french fries
holding hands

poppy dislikes:

being over-loved (smashed) by her sister
when somebody takes something out of her mouth
being left behind
sleeping alone... (insert exhausted mom comment)

she still rarely complains and is generally good-natured. i feel bad because a certain older sister is very dramatic and needy and poppy is just so easygoing that it seems that she gets a little neglected at times. she gets all the snuggles and milks and hugs that she needs, but sometimes when we're out i realize that i have been so busy trying to keep ellie from destroying the place that i have barely even noticed poppy. she always gives me this sweet "i'm good, mom!" smile when i finally catch her eye, but i still feel guilty. maybe that's why she wants my full attention all night long... i don't blame her. 

 here's a video of her latest accomplishment,
it's a little boring unless you're an adoring grandparent. fair warning.
also, my finger makes a guest appearance.

ellie put it best when she told poppy the other day:
"poppy, i'm so glad you came to our family!"

we are more than glad. you're our perfect little poppy and we love you. 


Saimi said...

I love when you post about what the girls like to do and what they're up to. Poppy sure is growing and how cute is that video of her wobbly but sturdy legs!

Even Judge knew better to stay out of her way!!

O'Connor Famiglia said...

I feel that every comment I leave I mention how cute your girls are; but poppy is just beautiful! I think you are right-- I have never met your hubs in person, but from pictures she seems like she does take after him. Ellie looks like a Neilson girl though- through and through!

Ryan+Michelle+Ellie said...

wasn't Eleanor just that age? WTF?! We are old. and time flies.

Erynn said...

i can't believe how big she is! we are so lucky to have her in the family. xoxo

Saimi said...

Um one more thing to Poppy's 'love' list, is MOMMY!! I can't believe she's already 8 months old!

Cute, cute pictures!