Sunday, July 8

is it tomorrow yet?

did i say tomorrow? i meant... today. :)


poppy loves to play and explore. 
i can just set her down and off she goes, happy as can be. 

whoops! she's maybe a little toooo curious.
she has eaten more than her fair share of grass, dirt and sand. 
 fine with me.

we've made the rounds to our favorite playgrounds and parks and even some backyard time (despite the record-breaking 110 degree heat wave). i have to spend a lot of time and energy wearing these girls out so that they will sleep at night. 

but when i succeed at wearing them out it is so worth it.

there is a lot of hair-pulling and face-pushing and slap fights --
you know, the usual girl stuff...

but there are a lot of hugs, too. 
little sister wants to be just like the big one 
and she's growing up fast. 

and life has been made infinitely easier by the addition of

the van !!!!

oh, and let's not forget the discovery of our new favorite saturday morning stop:
ike and jane's.
lucky charms, bacon maple, red velvet, blueberry, just to name a few. yum.

good things are always happening for the fowlers.
i have a video for tomorrow! 


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Ash said...

Hmmm Ike and Jane's. I'm so jealous! And yay for the van!