Monday, July 9

a case of the terribles (random quotes included).

the terribles are in full swing over here.
one minute ellie is saying: "we are having so much fun!"
(literally) the next minute she screams: "no! mean mommy!"

several times i have considered never leaving the house again.
then, when there is a tantrum at home, i consider leaving the house and never going back. 

shopping trips

we had a rough day at the store the other day. i told her that we would have to go to another store later...

ellie: "no, we not go to another store!"
me: (exasperated) "yes, we are. we didn't get everything we needed because you were being bratty."
ellie: "no, mommy, YOU were being bratty."

and it's impossible to keep her in the shopping cart lately. i have to try my best to keep her occupied with pushing the cart or helping me choose food. she loves to look at the vegetables and fruits - they really are pretty interesting.
but the other day i had to buy broccoli because she said,
"mmm! i'm so hungry!"
 and took a bite out of one of the stalks dinosaur-style (without using her hands).

she talks often about when she will be "big like daddy" or "big like mommy."

about to see her first movie (brave)
she ate more popcorn than a normal adult could handle

from the backseat of the car i heard:
"mommy, you just poke poppy in the eye? i didn't!"

ellie was eating a piece of bread, but judge cornered her and took it (i warned her that he would, but she wouldn't sit and eat it).
i put him in the laundry room and ellie was sobbing.
then she started laughing through the tears and said:
"mommy, he's a naughty boy!"

she always quotes her favorite show, dinosaur train. pretty sure she wishes she could be a pteranodon or a t-rex (she does a pretty good roar).

since she loves it, she knows wayyyyy more about dinosaurs than i do. i was reading a book to her and trying to sound out "quetzalcoatlus" and she said,
"it's ketz-all-coh-aht-lus, mama!"

she also knows all sorts of different species, like ornithomimus and giganotosaurus. it's crazy to hear her say the names.

she also calls frogs palaeo...somethingsomethings. i don't know what it is. she has caught on that i don't know and she will make fun of me by saying  
"it's a palaeoWHAT?"

she was giving me a hard time at the park when it was time to go home. i thought maybe i could get her with the old "we're leaving without you" trick, but no (of course not).

me: "okay, bye, ellie! we're leaving."
ellie: "okay, bye, mom! i love you! thanks for all your help!" 

playing hide-and-seek

i love my girl, but some days i want to drop her off at work with her daddy and head for the beach with the good baby*.
but then she does something cute and hilarious, like trying to put high heels on my feet while i'm still in bed in the morning.

she is so much work.
at least it is worth it.

here's a video of her singing. i have so many more to put on here - maybe we can make this a week of videos?

"toniiiiighht, we ya-ya. set the world on fiiiyah, we go bwightah dan da suuuuuun!"

*i realize that she's only the good baby right now. it may be another story next week.


Ann Taylor said...

hahahahaha, I guess it's true, you can't really reason with a toddler huh

Kathleen said...

your little family makes me happy, i love hearing your quotes and stories! i miss you!

Ash said...

Oh goodness. The eating broccoli like a dinosaur made me laugh. I guess the draw back to having such a smart smart smart and independent little girl is that she has her own ideas of how she wants to do things.

And really, her dinosaur knowledge is unreal. Did you take like fish oil pills or something when you pregnant with her?