Wednesday, February 1

a weekend away.

and somehow that amounts to two weeks away from blogging. whoops.

are you ready for a ton of pictures?

we spent the weekend before last on an island.
my parents came to visit from utah and we headed to jekyll island for a couple of nights.
i know. it was pretty much that awesome.

it was fun, the weather was beautiful and i thoroughly enjoyed hearing my daughter ask, "we go to the ocean?" and being able to respond "yes!" because it was right across the street. i don't think i got any pictures of her actually smiling at the camera because she was totally entranced with the ocean.

then again, she kept saying "we goin to da parking wot!!" over and over, as if the parking lot was some really exciting destination. i guess anything can be fun when you're almost 2.

we walked around on the island, visited driftwood beach, picked up shells, wrote in the sand, put our feet in the ocean and saw plenty of old people. 

i'm not exactly much of a beach person. i mean, i can't really imagine myself living on some tropical beach. this beach, however, i could definitely wake up to this beach every morning.

the beach was made even better by the fact that we were spending time with granma and granpa. aren't they some young looking grandparents? someone thought that ellie was my dad's daughter when husband and i were off on a walk. it's a compliment, i say.

it was even enough fun to make us forget that ellie screamed and refused to sleep the entire first night. ("i dohn wahnnnn to go to sweeeeeeep! no, i dohn wahnnnn to go to sweep anymoh!")

poppy was packed around and basically slept while being hugged the entire time. oh, and in the hotel she slept for more than eight hours straight - all the while ellie was screaming away.

now we're home and when ellie asks if we can go to the ocean, i have to say no.
and that makes me sad.
don't even get me started on what it is like when she asks "where's granma? where's granpa?"

 (sorry ladies, he's taken. and you can't have the baby, either.)

hopefully we'll get back there soon.
and they'll get back here soon.

more pictures from granma and granpa's visit soon, including pictures that prove i was actually there because i'm in them... when i get them. we did some more awesome stuff, including a trip to the place where cabbage patch kids are born. seriously!


We Three Zweigs said...

super sweet. That last picture just about killed me.

pefblog said...

You have a rich life now & a rich life ahead of you. What a beautiful family!

erynn said...

gotta love pregnancy hormones!! the pictures of gramma and grandpa with your girls made me bawl! i just love you guys...

Ash said...

Yay! Miles and I were so excited when we saw the new post. It looks like such a fun trip. Babies at the beach must be the best.