Wednesday, February 8

photo challenge, week one.

a friend of mine, mrs. jolley (who's blog is, unfortunately, going private - but she has a stunning photography blog), set up a photo challenge for february. so far the best part about it has been that i have been taking more pictures in general. most of my favorites have nothing to do with the challenge, really.

presenting one week from the fowler perspective:

day one: self portrait. 

day two: the weather today.

day three: something i ate. 

day four: sunlight.

day five: from high.

day six: from low.

day seven: someone you know.


Saimi said...

Those are fun! Judge is so cute, he and Archie would be good friends!! At least Archie would have someone who understands what it's like being a Beagle!

Ann Taylor said...

wow! love the challenge, might be too intimidated to do it myself!

We Three Zweigs said...

cute idea!

sunnydays photography said...

excellent!! stoked you're doing it! i love the weather one especially