Thursday, February 16

tummy bug.

daddy had it two weeks ago. ellie got it sunday. it waited until midnight on valentine's day to hit me, so unfortunately i spent all night reliving our delicious dinner. i think poppy has it right now, seeing as i am in another room and i can hear her pooping. poor babies. poor us.

we've all had the stomach bug, and i'm trying to scrub it out of our house and also clean up the gigantic mess that happened while i was stuck on the couch for 24 hours.

we'll get back to updates and pictures (i have so many beach and visit pictures!!) and the photo challenge soon. in the meantime, enjoy some pictures i got trying for day 16 (movement):


Chantal Marie said...

apparently that bug is world wide. everyone here has it too. yuck.

i'm erin. said...

Oh my gosh Bradie! Your blog is so cute. I'm sorry about your bug.

Saimi said...

I'm so sorry, what a nasty thing to deal with!

Hope all of you feel better SOON!!

Ash said...

Oh no! Stomach bugs are the worst! I hope you guys all feel better soon.