Friday, February 3

two months!

well, more like two and a half but we just had the appointment monday.
the curse of the neglected second child strikes again.

oh, pretty poppy.
i can't believe we've had her for two months. 
i can't believe it has only been two months.

the "pre-smile scrunch" face

she's a big girl, in the 95th percentile for weight at 13 lbs 6 oz and in the 75th percentile for height. she has been wearing 3 month size clothes for over a month now. she's already in size 2 diapers.

she sleeps like a dream, most of the day and sometimes all night - and not just newborn "all night," like, eight hour stretches some nights. her cheeks are incredible. i honestly kiss her at least a hundred times a day just to feel those fat cheeks squish. i also kiss her to make her smile, but it isn't hard to make her smile. talk to her, kiss her, change her diaper, poke her nose, just look at her and she gives a big grin. she's so happy and mellow.

she's pretty good at sucking her thumb and i love it. she'll wiggle and make a couple of squeaks and then she finds it and, after a few sloppy noises she's off to dreamland (sometimes she smiles in her sleep, too). when she is awake, she wiggles like crazy. she loves to be standing up and she sits in the bumbo and watches everyone. she gets lonely when it is quiet or she can't see anybody. she even has a hard time sleeping if it is too quiet. she's not too into tummy time, she either falls asleep or screeches at me. 

she makes a lot of noise, much more than ellie ever did. she coos and talks to me and has conversations. she almost laughs sometimes when she smiles. she makes little baby pterodactyl or raptor noises. she moans and grunts and makes all sorts of fuss. i especially like when she gets upset and goes "uhhhGEE! GEE!" and the other night she even talked in her sleep. it sounded like words - husband and i both looked at each other because we couldn't believe it was her.

she had terrible baby acne. it's finally almost gone.

she loves: 

her rocker
her thumbs
wearing jammies
her big sister
watching everyone dance
being part of the action
falling asleep in the middle of the action
anybody and everybody

she dislikes:

wet diapers
stuffy noses

 maybe my brown-eyed-girl? and check out the head fuzz. and the cheeeeeeeeeeeks.

i can't wait to see what she does next. she's the dreamiest little baby and i am not ashamed to say that i feel like eating her up all day, every day. i just want to hug her guts out. how could you not?

miss penelope, we love you.


Ash said...

That little scrunched up face may be the cutest thing I've ever seen. I can't believe it's already been two months! I might be going to church in the second ward Sunday, so maybe I'll get to see you guys (and get a chance to see those cheeks!).

Ann Taylor said...

I can't believe I'm missing those cheeks!! She and Ellie both have the best baby cheeks :) Thank you for the pics, I've been trying to picture in my head how she's growing. I'm feeling extremely sentimental today and grateful! I feel so lucky to have such healthy and happy nieces and be surrounded by baby love! Please give them kisses and hugs from us and know they are always in our thoughts and prayers!

Michelle+Ellie said...

awww she is so so adorable. I think her and Ellie look alot alike!

Saimi said...

See you guys did it again...Not sure what your recipe is but what ever it is it's working!!

Yet another adorable baby girl, and yes just looking at her pictures makes me want to eat her up!

erynn said...

oh we just love miss poppy too!! there is just something about the second child that just automatically makes them awesome... ;)