Tuesday, February 7

thank you notes.

thank you, other adults interacting with my daughter,

for teaching her funny phrases that she definitely didn't get from me. for instance: "somebody's hungry" and "oh my goodness! i pooped!" (okay, that last one might have been from me but i'm not sure.)

thank you, magic jack,

for being cheap long distance but an unreliable number for people leaving messages. i just got a two minute long message and the only parts that i could hear were "everything looked fine except..." and "call us back at (crackle crackle) if you have any questions." luckily i figured out it was from the vet.

thank you, disney, 

for teaching my daughter all sorts of phrases from the movie tangled. i don't love when she hits me with her frying pan and says "how did you find me? what do you want with my hair? who else knows my location?" i do love when she brushes my hair and sings "flower gleam and glow, let your power shine..."

thank you, pinterest,

for putting all sorts of ideas in my head for things i can't actually do because a) i don't have a proper oven, b) i have no time or place away from little people to do any sort of leisurely crafting and c) i don't have the resources. ugh. but thanks for letting me pretend to have style and let me see some really neat/nerdy stuff.

(p.s. - i know i'm not the only one who sees something and wants to pin it just because it is really yucky or lame looking, but i don't want to seem rude.)

(p.p.s. - i am learning to bake in the countertop oven. i've been successful with cookies and banana bread but no matter how hard you try you just can't fit something like a sheet cake in there.)

thank you, husband,

for teaching my daughter that my name is bradie. it is so weird to hear her call me that. at least it might come in handy if she gets lost?

thank you, npr,

for making me feel like i'm doing something to keep my adult brain from melting. also, you make me feel like i'm more balanced when i listen to you after watching gossip girl.

thank you, God, 

for my poppy's adorable, squishable, kissable cheeks. oh man, they are so great.
and for giving me the best/most challenging job ever.
and for believing that i'm up for the challenge.


Rob & Kristi Nelson said...

Thank you for your thank you notes. They make me laugh.

pefblog said...

Pretty pix!

Mawn said...

You are awesome, and I love your pictures.