Tuesday, January 17

thank you notes.

have you ever watched jimmy fallon on late night?
(well, i had a crush on him long before that.)

anyway, he does this thing on fridays where he writes "thank you notes" aloud on the show.
i started finding myself thinking in "thank you notes" while going about my business, so i thought i would share some with you.

(but first, here's your cute picture fix from our walk the other day.
so you can stop after that if you want.)

thank you, rachel mcadams,

for making my husband actually ask to watch girly movies with me.
i know i should be jealous, but i'm just... not. you really are adorable.

thank you, peanut butter and jelly,

for providing some sort of dinner for my child after the first one ends up on the floor.
i know i'll never have to hear "i dohn wike it" when you're around.

thank you, that song that goes "where is thumbkin?",

for making it really awkward to sing the "where is tall man?" part with my toddler,
especially at church. also, can you explain to me why she loves that song?

thank you, coke zero, 

for making husband and me feel less prissy about drinking a diet drink.

(and along that line,)

thank you, kroger, 

for making the cheaper diet soda products that we love. i do enjoy asking my husband if he would like a "cola oh!" or a "diet citrus drop."

thank you, microwave buttered popcorn,

for being so dang good! every single time. but not for making my kitchen smell disgusting.

thank you, every single airplane/train/school bus/police car/etc that goes by, 

for making my daughter go nuts with excitement about the noise she heard until i respond with some sort of, "yes, i did hear a _________! i heard it, too!"

thank you, netflix, 

for basically forcing me to watch every crappy show that was ever on television just because it is streaming and i already paid for it. you will eventually steal years of my life.

feel free to add your own thank you notes. i may just have more at some point.

oh, and while we're on the subject of random thoughts of mine that you really don't care about, i'm tweeting now. it's mostly because husband is on twitter and was complaining that he didn't have anybody to follow... so there you have it.

click here if you tweet or want to see a tweet or want to follow my tweets or whatever tweety tweetley tweet tweet.


Tom and Juli said...

So... have you seen Drop Dead Ted on Netflix? It is hilarious and you really should watch it!

Just SO said...

I have a ton of stuff on netflix but I can't seem to find the time to sit and watch. I REALLY want to watch Downton Abby and Medium and, and, and...

Love the thank you notes :)

Ash said...

Oh Netflix. It's embarrassing how much stuff on there I've watched. And almost none of it was good.

And miles sounds like Ellie as far as food goes. Except ramen instead of pbj. He called a soup I made this weekend "puke soup". Oh well.

Wonder Woman said...

Love this idea. Every time I see him (which isn't often without our DVR :[) I think about doing the same thing on my blog.

I had to laugh at the microwave popcorn line because I'm munching on a bag right now.

Thank you, thrift store, for giving me a $10 train table.

Thank you, mint M&Ms, for only coming out at Christmas, therefore limiting massive consumption to only 2 months out of the year.

Saimi said...

Thank you Fowlers for having an adorable blog...or is that because you have adorable children?? Must be because you post pictures of your adorable children on your blog! Yes that's it!!!

We Three Zweigs said...

"LOL" (for lack of a more appropriate phrase)