Monday, January 9

it's genetic.

 ("where's ellie?" is still a favorite game around here) 

ellie has been killing me with her sweet tooth (from me) and her sense of humor (from daddy). 

the other day, we went to the grocery store and i asked her what we needed. she said, "um, candy?" and i asked, "what else?" so she added "cookies" to the list. 

on daddy's birthday, she saw his cake and said:
"i want a bite! i want a taste! i want that cake!"
she cracked me up while we were singing, too. i had tried to get her to practice the song, but when we sang it went like this (i'll translate the ellie language for you): 

me: "happy birthday to you,"
ellie: "it's daddy's birthday!"
me: "happy birthday to you,"
ellie: "it's daddy's birthday!"
me: "happy birthday, dear daddy,"
ellie: "there are candles on the cake!"
me: "happy birthday to you!"

finally, one of her most commonly said phrases:

"i wanna cawcolate."

nature or nuture? 
who knows. 


Saimi said...

Nature baby, it's in the genes! The girl gene that is, it's what we are made of...Sugar and Spice and everything nice!!

Just SO said...

Totally nature.

Ash said...

She's so funny! It's crazy to see how much like you and Jimmy she really is.