Thursday, January 5

four years.

it's husband's birthday and our anniversary.

thank you sir, for making an honest woman out of me four years ago.

us then:

us now:

who would have guessed?

not me, that's for sure.

pretty sure we have a lot of laughs to come.
i love you.


Tom and Juli said...

You all look so happy in both pictures! Happy anniversary (and birthday to James).

Ash said...

Happy anniversary (and birthday to Jimmy)! I hope you guys have a great day!

This may be weird, but I really love that top picture of you guys! Paula showed it to me a long time ago, and I thought it was just perfect.

Nielsen Family said...

What a great family pic! Happy anniversary to you both & Happy B-day to our Jimmy! Oh, how we love you all. Love love!

n.davis said...

i love the comparisons.
seriously, you two are such a fantastic couple
and you have two adorable daughters!!

Happy Anniversary! {and happy birthday james!}

erynn said...

happy anniversary and happy birthday to james! that is the cutest picture of all time. i love it!! frame it and save it forever!

Just SO said...

Happy Birthday James and Happy Anniversary to you two!! You guys are great! And you make some pretty darn cute offspring.

pefblog said...

and many, many, many more to come. You are beautiful together.